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It's not news. It's not opinion. It's, uh, an embarrassingly large percentage of what we write around here.

Fiorentina’s B team sure could be fun

Keeping some of the late-blooming Primavera prospects to develop in-house in Serie C would improve the club, both on the pitch and in the books.

In praise of the role players

Let’s shine the spotlight on the cogs in the machine, the unsung heroes, the players who only the biggest weirdos love.

Considering Fiorentina’s shirt numbers

Some good choices, yeah, but also some real head-scratchers this year.

On pragmatism, idealism, and Italiano’s tactical approach

What we talk about when we talk about a soccer philosophy.

It’s a young person’s game, not mine

A coming of (old) age story.

Ask us some questions and we’ll give you some answers

Your favorite podcast idiots are listening.

Rating Fiorentina’s shirt numbers

It’s time for the most important analysis of the year.

Friday Poll(s): It’s the Amrabat/Saponara quiz you’ve been waiting for

Put your talents to the test at identifying which of the two midfielders is which

Join us for a VN happy hour again

It’s been fun every other time we’ve done one, so the forecast here is pretty good.

Be thankful for Lorenzo Venuti

Fiorentina’s longest-tenured player is impossible to dislike.

Borja Valero will always be the mayor

Il Sindaco is why we care about this game.

Building the perfect Fiorentina manager

Since the Viola can’t seem to hire the right coach, why not just make one from the spare parts lying around?

What could Daniele Pradè learn from Daniele Pradè in my Football Manager save?

Yes, this is almost as much of a joke as Fiorentina is right now.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what Biraghi’s done this year

The fullback hits so many more crosses than any other player in the league that it’s descending into comedy.

Friday Poll: What’s the best holiday gift in the Fiorentina store?

Your official Viola merchandise supplier rarely disappoints.

It’s Time for a Nice Fiorentina Hat

That Fans Will Actually Buy

Here are your Fiorentina squad numbers for 2020

The good, the bad, and the oh Bart you’re doing it again aren’t you.

Your Fiorentina FIFA 21 ratings have arrived

EA continues to amaze us, but not in a good way.

Join us on Sunday for Viola Nation (un)Happy Hour

Leave us a comment and we’ll shoot you an invite.

Sign up for the second Viola Nation (un)happy hour

We don’t have anything else going on. Do you?

Fiorentina fans voted on their new mascot and whoo boy did we pick a doozy


Meet Fiorentina’s twenty potential mascots

This is basically the lineup scene in The Usual Suspects.

Fiorentina is joining the ranks of clubs with official mascots

This is in no way a reference to Nenad Tomović.

I asked my wife to guess the age of every Fiorentina player

She got some of them dead on. She got others of them, hm, not quite as dead on.

Heaving a sigh and joining in the Marvel theme week

SB Nation suggested this and we don’t have anything else to write about at the moment, so here you go.

Your VN virtual happy hour is this Saturday

Bust out your finest Viola shirts and drinks.

Join us for a Viola Nation virtual happy hour

Tell us when you’re free and buckle in for Saturday.

How to figure out which player’s shirt to get

We made a flowchart and it’s only got one wrong answer.