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Viola Station

Hey look, it's Viola Nation's podcast, which we creatively dubbed Viola Station!

Viola Station 42 is a little bit different

We’re making some small changes but keeping the Fiorentina podcast idiocy you love so much.

Good morning (or whatever), it’s a new podcast episode

Your favorite podcast idiots are back at it.

Viola Station 40 has Massimo Basile, so you know it’s a good one

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots are back, and they brought a smart friend with them.

Viola Station 39 has a little bit of positivity, but only a little bit

There’s a lot going on with this club right now, man.

Viola Station 38 (the blasphemy addition) is live and it’s fun

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots are doing it again, Seymour. They’re doing it again.

Why yes, Viola Station 37 is all transfer talk

Your favorite podcast idiots are back after a not-entirely-voluntary absence and are diving head first into the shallow end of the transfer pool.

Let’s get one more Viola Station in before the season ends

Your favorite podcast idiots are back and in fine form, which means whatever you think it does.

You want a podcast? Because we’ve got a podcast for you right here.

Your favorite podcast idiots are back at it again.

Got questions? Maybe we’ve got answers.

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots are ready to answer whatever you’re wondering about.

We tried to make Viola Station 34 a happy episode, but...

...your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots realized it hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for the team. Good thing we brought in a ringer to perk everything back up at the end.

Bang a gong because we’ve got a new Viola Station

Your favorite podcast idiots return with your favorite podcast idiocy.

Behold, a new episode of Viola Station

Your favorite Viola podcast idiots are back in the saddle.

Like your favorite trainwreck relative, we got you a late holiday present: Viola Station 31

Yep, it’s a podcast. No, it’s not going to be nearly as excruciating as hearing about your uncle’s struggles against the federal government.

Podcast time, podcast time, won’t you try this podcast of mine?

Your favorite podcast idiots are back to discuss a host of Viola topics.

Psst, hey buddy: There’s a new Viola Station episode

Your favorite podcast idiots return to break down a typically wild week for Fiorentina.

It’s time for Viola Station 28

Wanna hear the Fiorentina podcast idiots get too excited? This is your chance.

It’s time to punish/reward yourself with Viola Station 27

We’ve hit the Rafał Wolski number of podcasts.

New podcast alert! New podcast alert!

Episode 26 is here and it’s beautiful.

Friday Poll: Ask us some podcast questions

We’re recording this week and we want to hear from you.

Viola Station 25 has a little bit of everything

A chat with Massimiliano Lelli highlighted an episode where we were pretty well all over the place, touching on everything from Antognoni to Fiorentina Femminile to Moena.

Viola Station 24 is our most topical episode yet

This may be the first time that we aren’t a few days behind current events, so you’d better listen now while we still sound smart.

Send us your questions for the next podcast

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots sit ready to answer whatever’s on your mind.

Tune into Viola Station 23 because why not?

Hey, it’s a new episode and hey, it’s a really good one.

Viola Station 22 is here and it’s mighty fine

Come for the Fiorentina talk. Stay for the chat with an international film star.

Tell your friends and/or enemies that Viola Station 21 has dropped

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots are at it again.

Send us your podcast questions, please

Step into our office.

Viola Station 20 is here and it’s pretty okay

Mike and Tito are back to discuss all things Viola and chat with’s Niccolò Misul.

Hear ye, hear ye: Viola Station 19 is here

We’re here to talk about a certain very large adult and some other things.

And just like that, here’s Viola Station 18

We’re back, and we’ve got the best possible accompaniment.

Have a little bit of Viola Station to brighten your Monday

After a lengthy layoff due to technical difficulties, we’re back.

Hey you, listen to Viola Station 16

We’re back with some timely and seasonal discussions about Fiorentina, and also answers to all of you excellent and/or inexplicable questions.

Got questions for Viola Station? Go ahead and ask them now.

Mike and Tito are listening to any and all listener queries and might even answer some of them.