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Viola Station

Hey look, it's Viola Nation's podcast, which we creatively dubbed Viola Station!

It’s time to punish/reward yourself with Viola Station 27

We’ve hit the Rafał Wolski number of podcasts.

New podcast alert! New podcast alert!

Episode 26 is here and it’s beautiful.

Friday Poll: Ask us some podcast questions

We’re recording this week and we want to hear from you.

Viola Station 25 has a little bit of everything

A chat with Massimiliano Lelli highlighted an episode where we were pretty well all over the place, touching on everything from Antognoni to Fiorentina Femminile to Moena.

Viola Station 24 is our most topical episode yet

This may be the first time that we aren’t a few days behind current events, so you’d better listen now while we still sound smart.

Send us your questions for the next podcast

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots sit ready to answer whatever’s on your mind.

Tune into Viola Station 23 because why not?

Hey, it’s a new episode and hey, it’s a really good one.

Viola Station 22 is here and it’s mighty fine

Come for the Fiorentina talk. Stay for the chat with an international film star.

Tell your friends and/or enemies that Viola Station 21 has dropped

Your favorite Fiorentina podcast idiots are at it again.

Send us your podcast questions, please

Step into our office.

Viola Station 20 is here and it’s pretty okay

Mike and Tito are back to discuss all things Viola and chat with’s Niccolò Misul.

Hear ye, hear ye: Viola Station 19 is here

We’re here to talk about a certain very large adult and some other things.

And just like that, here’s Viola Station 18

We’re back, and we’ve got the best possible accompaniment.

Have a little bit of Viola Station to brighten your Monday

After a lengthy layoff due to technical difficulties, we’re back.

Hey you, listen to Viola Station 16

We’re back with some timely and seasonal discussions about Fiorentina, and also answers to all of you excellent and/or inexplicable questions.

Got questions for Viola Station? Go ahead and ask them now.

Mike and Tito are listening to any and all listener queries and might even answer some of them.

Slide into the weekend with Viola Station 15

Your friendly Fiorentina podcast idiots are here to ease you into the best days of the week.

It’s a (very, very behind schedule) Viola Station 14

To make up for our tardiness on releasing this one, we’ve brought you the bonus of a very good guest.

Gather round ye old headphones, for Viola Station 13 is here

This will probably be one of the better English language podcasts about Fiorentina you listen to this week.

Viola Station 12: Oh nothing, just a chat with Antonio ****ing Cincotta

This is the coolest thing.

And just like that, here’s Viola Station 11 to keep you company

You don’t have to listen. But it’d be a lot cooler if you did.

Viola Station 10: The SB Nation Serie A blog idiots recap the season

Let’s finish recapping this season before we have to panic about previewing the next one.

Look out, world: Viola Station 9 is here

It’s been a long season and a long time since we had one of these, so you’d best believe it’s a long podcast.

Listen to Episode 8 of Viola Station

Mike and Tito are back with a little help from some friends.

Get your Viola Station questions in now

We’re planning to fire up the machinery for a new episode devoted to Fiorentina Women’s and want to hear from you.

Who’s ready for episode seven of Viola Station?

Sure hope it’s you, because that’s what you’re getting.

If you want to ask Viola Station any questions, now’s your time

Mike and Tito are opening the floor for (almost) whatever questions you’ve got.

Hey look, Viola Station is back

Yes, we know it’s a bit late. In our defense, time is a construct, man.

Viola Station rides again

If you want to hear Mike and Tito talk about the Roccoversary, the transfer market, Fiorentina’s midfielders, and a talk with the VCNY brass, here’s your chance.

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Hey look, Viola Station has returned

Sweet, sweet Fiorentina talk for your ears.

Surprise! We talked with Rocco and it was awesome and you should listen

Here’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to this website.

Tune into Viola Station again

We have cast another pod.