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Baselli moves to Torino, or another one bites the dust

Daniele Baselli joins the growing list of Fiorentina targets moving to alternative clubs

Daniele Baselli featuring for the national youth set up.
Daniele Baselli featuring for the national youth set up.
Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Another day, another Italian youth international signing for a rival club. Today, reports from numerous Italian sources -- including Sky Sport Italia -- have revealed that youngster Daniele Baselli is set to sign for Torino ahead of Fiorentina. The player is part of a double swoop by the Turin outfit, with Davide Zappacosta also making the move out of Atalanta.

Fiorentina had been talking to Atalanta about a potential loan move for the promising 23-year-old midfielder, with a Florentine player moving in the other direction. After four days, however, it seems as though Torino's recent Darmian windfall has been enough to sign both Baselli and Zappacosta on a permanent basis.

And just like that, poof, another transfer target slips away. With Mauri off to Milan, Donati still chilling in Germany, and Salah wandering through the transfer wilderness like a poorly advised ghost, the club are struggling to put together anything resembling a clear cut transfer strategy.

While the individual failed transfers are not so much of an issue, the regular failure to land any player is beginning to set a worrying precedent.