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Official: Ryder Matos loaned to Carpi

The young Brazilian striker is returning to Serie A, but not with Fiorentina. The Easy Ryder will instead try to make an impact with Carpi in their first Serie A adventure.

The face of a man who needs to be playing more.
The face of a man who needs to be playing more.
Denis Doyle/Getty Images reports that Ryder Matos is back from his hastily-arranged loan stint at Palmeiras, but he probably shouldn't get too comfortable -- he's already set for a new loan, this time with newly-promoted Serie A club Carpi.

The 22-year-old, deployed by Montella throughout the 2013 season as a pacey wide man, will fight for a starting place. While he has the pace, work-rate, and off-ball movement Sousa might crave, his finishing hasn't quite caught up, so it's another year on the road for the peripatetic youngster. While it's tough to find good stats for him, did have a few things to say about him.

One of Corvino's finds, Ryder joined Fiorentina from Bahia at the age of 15. After initially being loaned to Cordoba last year, Ryder only managed three appearances before being frozen out of the squad as Miroslav Dukic picked veterans to try and stop the club's skid in La Liga. Over the winter window, Ryder returned to Brazil with Palmeiras, where he had even less success, not making an appearance for the senior team. Hopefully, he'll nail down regular playing time at Carpi and become the hard-working, dynamic cog he's shown flashes of.