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Fiorentina ready to make fresh offer for Gremio's Walace

As predicted, Fiorentina are set to raise thier offer to Gremio for Walace

Walace challenges for the ball as we run out of player photos we haven't used yet
Walace challenges for the ball as we run out of player photos we haven't used yet
Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

After sitting back, twiddling their thumbs, raising a slightly tanned hand to push back a renegade strand of recently barbered hair, then listening to the delightful sound of the ring pull on the lunchtime Coca-Cola can as it thwacks up and down ever-so-stiffly, the Fiorentina head honchos have finally decided to try their luck with another bid for Gremio midfielder Walace.

Outlets in Italy are taking information from Sky, who suggest that the new offer will involve €3 million for an initial year long loan, with an additional €6 million paid twelve months later to secure the Brazilian for the long term. This fresh bid arrives a week after the club's initial offer was rejected. The price has shifted upwards from €2 million for a loan deal and a permanent move for €5.5 million as Fiorentina continue a (very) slow and steady pursuit. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, however, the Brazilian team are firmly asking for €8 million in one payment.

As discussed in our initial article, Walace is a bustling, tough tackling midfielder. At 20 years old, he has become a regular fixture in the Gremio first team. He played in yesterday's two nil win over Vasco Da Gama, picking up what seems to be an obligatory yellow card.

Will Walace be coming to Florence? Will Gremio reject the bid? Will that be followed with an ever-so-slightly raised bid as the clamor for fresh players reaches a fever pitch? Will I need to create another contrived opening to pad out the word count after failing to find anything new to say? Find out next week on Viola Nation, when I will be copying and pasting this article.