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Statistical and Analytical Review

Inter 3-0 Fiorentina: Statistical analysis

Have a look at some of the numbers from this debacle and what they mean.

Comparing Fiorentina’s final numbers to seasons past

Yeah, we know this year was awful, but we really wanted to know exactly how awful.

Is Ciprian Tatarusanu a good goalkeeper?

We never seem to talk about the Viola and Romania number 1, so let’s put the spotlight on him and the other goalkeepers in Serie A.

Fiorentina 1-1 Napoli: Statistical analysis

We've looked at the numbers, and they're, well, about what you'd expect on the surface. There's some fun stuff if you dig deeper, though.

Atalanta 2-3 Fiorentina: Statistical analysis

In which we try to quantify what a really wild finish looks like.

Fiorentina 1-1 Spurs: Statistical analysis

Let's break down this hard-fought and entertaining affair, since you know that Sousa and co. are going to draw some interesting conclusions from it.

Fiorentina 2-0 Torino: Statistical analysis

In which we attempt to quantify a huge sigh of relief.

AC Milan 2-0 Fiorentina: Statistical analysis

Another match, another painful set of numbers.

Fiorentina 1-3 Lazio: Statistical review

Let's go over this Montella-esque defeat very quickly, and then never speak of it again.

Fiorentina 2-0 Chievo Verona: Statistical recap

Oh, that's what a dominant midfield pairing looks like.

Juventus 3-1 Fiorentina: Statistical recap


Fiorentina 3-0 Udinese: Stats and analysis

Our expert statisticians break down the numbers from Fiorentina's big win over the Zebretti.

Sassuolo 1-1 Fiorentina: Statistical recap

Other than Borja's goal, this was a pretty blah game through and through. We'll still comb through the numbers and let you know what we find, though.

FC Basel 2-2 Fiorentina

Have a look at how the numbers stack up for one of the most frustrating Europa League matches in recent memory.

Fiorentina 2-2 Empoli: Statistical review

Here are the numbers for an atrocious first half, breathless second half, and ultimately a single frustrating point.

Sampdoria 0-2 Fiorentina: Statistics and analaysis

Here are the numbers for Fiorentina's comprehensive win over a hard-running Sampdoria at the Luigi Ferraris.

Fiorentina 4-1 Frosinone: Statistics

The Fio-Fro matchup turned out to be a snoozer, as la Viola mercilessly blitzed Frosinone for forty-five minutes before easing up in the second half. Have a look at some of the eye-popping numbers that blitz resulted in.

Hellas Verona 0-2 Fiorentina: Statistics

Here's what relief looks like when you quantify it as team and player stats.

Fiorentina 1-2 Roma: Stats

Take a look at the numbers from the game to figure out where it all went wrong for Fiorentina.

Fiorentina 1-2 Lech Poznan: Statistical analysis

Resuming our tradition of looking at the statistics of Fiorentina games to see what we can glean from the numbers, here's a real doozy.

Fiorentina 3-0 Atalanta: Statistical recap

Here's the nitty gritty on why and how la Viola keep piling up the results.

Inter 1-4 Fiorentina: Statistical recap

Or, the anatomy of a good old-fashioned drubbing.

Fiorentina 2-0 Bologna: Statistical analysis

Oh, sweet smell of success. Can't really communicate that with a web page, but we can show you how success looks in terms of numbers.

Carpi vs Fiorentina: Statistical analysis

Here are the numbers from a gritty, grimy, overall grizzly game.

Fiorentina vs Basel: Statistical analysis

If you watched the game, maybe you noticed that Fiorentina were not at their best against Paulo Sousa's old club, and we have the numbers to prove it.

Fiorentina vs Genoa: crunching the numbers

Let's see if the stats can accurately reflect the grit and determination la Viola showed on the field.