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Happy 93rd birthday, Fiorentina

It’s been rough and rocky traveling, but we’re standing upright on the ground.


28 August 1926 is one of the most important days in the history of the universe, and that is because 28 August 1926 is the day that Fiorentina became a club. The merger between PGF Libertas and CS Firenze may have occurred for less-than-pure reasons (we mean fascism), but it birthed something beautiful.

In the 93 years since, this club has been through everything. It’s won the highest honors in Italy. It’s ceased to exist. It’s beaten teams it had no right to beat. It’s lost to teams it has no right to lose to. It’s been caught cheating. It’s been a beacon of hope in the midst of a cynical world. It’s showcased charismatic stars playing the best attacking football you can imagine. It’s suffered through guys who don’t deserve to wear a €10 euro replica bought outside the mercato centrale playing football that makes your stomach turn. It’s brought out our best and our worst.

So happy birthday, Fiorentina. You’re broken and imperfect and won’t ever be anything else, and we wouldn’t change you for the world. I can’t come up with a favorite memory, but maybe yall can. Share it in the comments.