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Meet your 2018-2019 Viola Nation staff

What with the international break and all, this seems like as good a time as any to introduce ourselves.

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Tools of the trade.
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While Fiorentina players scrap on international duty (or not, if they’re Christian Nørgaard), this is probably as good a time as any for the writers at Viola Nation to introduce themselves, especially after Hesanka thoughtfully gave everyone a chance to do so. Therefore, here we are. Feel free to fire off questions, comments, snide remarks, or whatever.

The Tito

Hey, everyone. I’ve been around the site since I was a greasy high schooler lurking in the comments at the Offside, back when Tim and Ted ran things. I worked up the courage to start commenting about 12 years ago and eventually came aboard as a writer during Lorenzo’s reign of terror in June 2015. After Chloe was called up for bigger and better things (not saying too much), I took the reins as lead editor/site manager/whatever in September 2016 and have been rambling about cats, literature, and other intolerably irritating shit since then.

As far as Fiorentina favorites go, I will always love Adrian Mutu so much it hurts. Really, anyone from those Cesare Prandelli teams is pretty great, with a few notable exceptions. On the current squad, my favorite player (non-Chiesa division) is probably Cristiano Biraghi; I’ve had a weird fixation on mid-level Viola leftbacks stretching back to the halcyon days of Massimo Gobbi. And, for the history part, I became a Fiorentina fan for a number of reasons, but mostly because I’m too stubborn to back one of the big teams and because we went to Italy when I was about 12 to throw my grandmother’s ashes into the Arno per her request and I fell in love with everything about it.

For slightly more current background, I just moved to Seattle, WA from Austin a couple of months ago because Texas is really, really hot for a lot of the year. I’m finishing up my master’s degree in information science this December and work in a school library. I play a lot of pickup soccer—if you’re in Seattle and need a midfielder or striker, give me a holler—and otherwise spend most of my time drinking beer and convincing the neighborhood kitties to do my bidding.

Alex Miller

Hi guys, I’ve been writing on the site for coming up on two years now. A lot has changed in what has been a relatively short period of time. Paulo Sousa was in charge with players such as Gonzalo, Federico Bernardeschi and Borja Valero all at his disposal. As far as writing goes, being a student, Viola Nation was my first writing gig. It’s been a brilliant experience so far, and long may it continue.

I became a fan of Fiorentina after I visited Florence back in 2012 on holiday. Firstly, I fell in love with the City and because of my passion for football, I followed the team. I have been to the Franchi on one occasion in 2016, for my 21st birthday I wanted to see Fiorentina vs Juventus. It was an incredible game (if you take away the scoreline), it was an experience I will never forget. But, damn why couldn’t Kalinic have scored that penalty. My favourite Viola player was Borja Valero, he’s a maestro on the pitch. The way he left the club wasn’t right, but he simply loved the city and the club.

As for me personally, I’m a student at the University of Sunderland. I’m about to go to my third and final year. I’m born and bred in County Durham, England and I’m sadly a Sunderland fan too. Yeah, and to make things worse I also follow Cleveland sports... Mostly the Cavs and the Browns. I don’t have too much luck with sports, especially Sunderland who now play in the third tier of English football. Thank god the Browns can’t get relegated.

Kyle Zwiazek

Hey Crew, I have been writing for Viola Nation for close to two years now. It is actually crazy to think how long I have been on the site. First, I became a Fiorentina fan in 2012 when I started living in Florence during college. I spent a total of a year and a half in the beautiful Tuscan city and am absolutely better for it. The first game I went to at the Franchi saw quick winger Juan Cuadrado streaking down the side to win the game late against Torino. From that moment on I could not get enough of the team and found myself finding ways to get closer to the team during my time living in Florence and beyond.

After graduating from Marist College (small liberal arts school in New York) with a degree in sports communications, I was looking for a job and contacted Viola Nation to see if they needed writers. As they say the rest is history. Even though I have been working in sports behind the scenes for the better part of the last two years, writing for Viola Nation keeps me connected to the team that has become a huge part of my heart.

Cuadrado was one of favorite players due to his heroics when I went to my first game. I also grew up in the same town as Giuseppe Rossi and played soccer for the same high school that his dad coached at. It was awesome that he was in Florence when I was there. As a New Jersey kid I will always have a soft spot for Beppe. I just wish he played for the US National Team instead of Italy, so I am a little bitter about that. On the current squad, I am a big fan of Bartlomiej Dragowski and Alban Lafont because I was a keeper growing up. Nikola Milenkovic, Giovanni Simeone, and Federico Chiesa are the exciting prospects on the roster that I absolutely hope stay with the team for the long haul.


Like Alex and Kyle, I’ve been writing here for around two years, but I’d been hanging around in the comments for a while before that - mostly popping whenever I managed to think of something half funny because I am a total slave to the validation of recs.

My favourite Fiorentina player of all time is probably Facundo Roncaglia. I have a certain affinity for players who’re prepared to give whatever it takes to bring success to their team, and Facundo was always willing to do what it took to win. Of the current set of players I’m a big fan of Nikola Milenkovic for the same reason, but my favourite player is probably Bryan Dabo.

I’m currently a student, working on my dissertation on comparative literary heritage, which is even less interesting than it sounds.