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Fiorentina’s FIFA 17 ratings released

Don’t worry, guys. Now we know exactly how good this Viola club really is.

Catania Calcio v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
Your move, Crow-man.
Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

In what’s become an annual sputtering of disbelief for Fiorentina fans, FIFA has released their full ratings for the upcoming FIFA 17. Unfortunately for everyone who’s planning to turn the Viola into the 30-year repeat champions of Calcio A (apparently EA could get the rights to use Serie A, which is kind of funny), the players’ potential hasn’t yet been released.


Bartlomiej Dragowski: 71. EA Sports thinks highly of the young Pole, highlighted by his 74 in Reflexes. Tagged as a Puncher, which sounds more like an description of his international senior Artur Boruc, but whatever.

Luca Lezzerini: 66. A curiously low rating, considering that he’s actually played quite well when called upon in relief of Tatarusanu over the past couple of seasons. Perhaps the programmers just couldn’t handle the Viola having 3 goalkeepers rated over 70.

Ciprian Tatarusanu: 77. His Goalkeeper Kicking stat is 74, which seems a mite high, but his Jumping (64), Reflexes (78), and Positioning (79) are all a little lower than he’s maybe earned. He’s also tagged as a Puncher and Cautious with Crosses.


Davide Astori: 81. Probably about right overall, although I’d have knocked down his 80 in Strength and increased his Long Passing from 68.

Sebastien de Maio: 77. Perhaps a bit generous overall, but his very low Passing (37) and his about accurate Defending (77) are offset by his Strength rating of 92 and Jumping of 86. He’s also got the Strength specialty and the Power Header trait.

Kevin Diks: 71. The 77 Pace and High Attacking workrate are exciting in a generally slow backline, but that’s about it. Also has the Avoids Using Weaker Foot trait.

Hrvoje Milic: 71. A likely candidate for a midseason upgrade, his Defending rating of 70 seems awfully low, and a Crossing score of 75 seems, er, rather elevated.

Maxi Olivera: n/a. Perhaps EA thought he was this year’s version of Octavio and didn’t bother creating him.

Gonzalo Rodriguez: 83. As the co-best player on the team, this is probably about right. Has the Leadership, Power Header, and Long Passer traits, as well as the Tactician specialty.

Carlos Salcedo: 73. Although his Aggression rating seems awfully low at 70—everyone I’ve talked to who watches the Liga MX emphasizes his occasional Roncaglia moments—and his Defending and Physicality scores are at a mediocre 74 each, one can only assume that he’ll improve in leaps and bounds.

Nenad Tomovic: 76. Probably a little high. His Marking stands at 76, which is probably a bit much, and his Passing rating is nearly the same as Astori’s. Also, the High Attacking workrate seems generous.


Milan Badelj: 79. No Pace, but an Interception rating of 80 and both Short and Long Passing at 82, he’s probably just about right.

Federico Bernardeschi: 78. A Defending score of 36 is awfully low for a player who’s consistently involved in that side of the game, and a Shooting score of 70 seems unfair as well. However, his traits for Flair, Speed Dribbler, and Avoids Using Weaker Foot, as well as his High attacking workrate, are all pretty good.

Federico Chiesa: n/a. Was really looking forward to this one, too. Bah.

Sebastian Cristoforo: 78. Has the Injury Prone trait and is listed as a defensive midfielder, rather than a pure central midfielder. His high marks in Defending (78) are offset by his lower ones in Passing (66).

Ianis Hagi: n/a. They’ve got his 51-year-old dad (in his prime, not now), but not him. Huh.

Carlos Sanchez: 76. A Sliding Tackle rating of 66, Heading Accuracy of 70, and Marking of 65 make me think that he’s very underrated here. Also has the Long Passer trait, which makes no sense.

Cristian Tello: 78. With his Pace at 92, his Dribbling at 82, and his 74 Crossing, seems about right. His Flair and Speed Dribbler Traits, as well as his Speedster specialty, all check out. I wonder about the 3 out of 5 Skill stars, though.

Hernan Toledo: n/a. Just wanted to know if he was faster than Tello.

Borja Valero: 83. 85 for Passing is, if anything, a bit low, but it’s fine. A 85 for Dribbling may be a bit generous, too, but 71 Shooting is definitely too much. With his Play Maker specialty and whole host of traits (Leadership, Finesse Shot, Flair, Playmaker, and Corner Specialist), he’s obviously a star.

Matias Vecino: 77. Seems awfully low for him. Low in Passing (74) and Pace (69). But let’s talk about his Long Shooter trait—true—and his Long Shots score of 74. Seriously.


Khouma Babacar: 76. Probably earned a High Attacking workrate, and his Strength rating of 77 and Long Shots at 63 are low, but otherwise pretty good.

Josip Ilicic: 80. Sprint Speed at 75? Huh. Still, 81 Dribbling, 81 Shooting, and 80 Passing are useful. His hatful of traits—Finesse Shot, Flair, Long Shot Taker, Technical Dribbler, Takes Finesse Style Free Kicks, and Backs into Player (lol)—really tell the story.

Nikola Kalinic: 80. Somehow didn’t get the Poacher Specialty, but does have the Tries to Beat Defensive Line trait. 78 in Strength is low, but a 78 in Sprint Speed is high. Probably about even on balance.

Mauro Zarate: 77. 85 Dribbling, 80 Pace, and 79 Shooting are all accurate, albeit generous, but it’s his Dribbling Specialty (hm) and whole host of traits that best sum him up: Selfish (duh), Finesse Shot, Flair, Long Shot Taker, Technical Dribbler, and Takes Finesse Style Free Kicks.

So. There’s your (not quite complete) Fiorentina FIFA 17 squad. Where’s your beef?