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Who can fill these vacant squad numbers?

The last decent number 3 on this team was Dario Dainelli. In 2010. Let that sink in.

That is a nice number right there.
That is a nice number right there.
Dino Panato/Getty Images

As we zero in on the start of the season, it's time to talk about the important things. No, not more defenders or midfielders. No, not a sponsor. No, not a comprehensive plan for the next couple of seasons. Okay, jeez, maybe not the important things. It is time to talk about squad numbers, though.

The squad numbers available right now are 1, 3 (once Gilberto goes out on loan, which seems likely), 6, and 11. There are, of course, a number of higher numbers available as well--Manuel Pasqual's 23, for example--but let's just worry about 1 to 11.

The number 1 shirt, last seen gracing, er, Norberto Neto, should be pretty easy to figure out. Ciprian Tătăruşanu is very attached to 12, so the number one shirt will fall to Luca Lezzerini or Bartłomiej Drągowski. The former wore 24 last season, while the latter opted for 69 with Legia Gdansk. One would assume, then, that the number 1 shirt will go to the backup goalkeeper.

Number 3 usually goes to a centerback or a leftback, which means, uh, maybe let's hold off on this one. Marcos Alonso wore 3 a couple years ago, so maybe he'd drop 28; more recently it was Modibo Diakite.

Number 6 is generally reserved for a centerback, leftback, or holding midfielder. Tino Costa had it last season, but it's hard not to associate that number with Juan Manuel Vargas. This one will probably have to wait for a new arrival as well.

The 11 shirt, however, has a ready-made occupant in Hernán Toledo, as it generally goes to a left winger or striker. Ante Rebic had it last year, and before him it was Juan Cuadrado, Alberto Gilardino, and Fabio Liverani, which is a neat little list of recent Fiorentina legends. No pressure, Hernán.