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Which former Viola player would you most like to have back?

There are some rules here, Donny, so read past the jump and give us your thoughts.

Oh my goodness do my emotions hurt now.
Oh my goodness do my emotions hurt now.
Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

With the season over except for a dead rubber match against Lazio, now's the time to start thinking about next year. Fiorentina have had an, er, iffy transfer policy these past few windows, selling off a number of stars and not really bringing in adequate replacements. So, if you were in charge of the club's transfers, which Viola alumnus would you bring back? For the purposes of this exercise, money is no object, and you can only pick players as they are now; for example, if you wanted to pick Gabriel Batistuta, you'd be getting the 47 year old golf and polo enthusiast rather than peak Batigol.

So, with the pool thus limited a bit (otherwise, this would be way too difficult a thought experiment), who've you got? If you vote for the ever-popular other, specify who exactly you mean in the comments. Also, this is just purely for quality, rather than emotional attachment, so Per Kroldrup isn't a great choice.