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Prandelli talks Fiorentina, still waiting for an apology from Rossi

In an interview with Radio Blu, the former Fiorentina and Italy coach discusses his former team and his row with Giuseppe Rossi, with mixed words for both.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Cesare Prandelli, still a beloved figure to many Fiorentina fans, lets us know he still cares about la Viola, including striker Giuseppe Rossi, although he still hasn't forgiven him for the row the between the two which happened as a result of Prandelli's snub in the 2014 World Cup.

Prandelli, who left Fiorentina in 2010 to coach the Italian national team, angered many former fans by leaving the then 27 year old Rossi off the 2014 World Cup squad, believing Rossi, who only played four games that season for Fiorentina (scoring two goals in the processs), was not fit enough for international duty. Rossi responded with a series of angry tweets expressing his disappointment. His former coach took this seriously, and after stepping down from Italy following an early exit, called Rossi's reaction his "biggest personal disappointment."

Although Prandelli offers Rossi praise in an interview with Radio Blu, he believes that he still made the right decision to leave out Rossi, who once again injured his right knee in August 2014, missing the whole of last season.

"Again, as a fan of Fiorentina he’s a phenomenon from a football point of view. From another point of view, I’m still waiting for a five-letter word [sorry]."

On one hand, Prandelli is correct that he was justified in being concerned about Rossi's health, and the player never should have lashed out in public. It is unfortunate however, that it appears both sides still hold a grudge.

In the interview, Prandelli also praised Paulo Sousa's work so far, especially impressed by their work ethic, although he also expresses reservation about the back line.

Prandelli also defended the fans who protest against the lack of ambition coming from ownership.

There are 22,000 season ticket holders, any protest [against the Della Valles] are out of love for Fiorentina.
Cesare Prandelli

To me, that was always one thing I loved about Prandelli, and the biggest issue I had with Vincenzo Montella; the former understood he had to listen to the fans, while the latter, although realistic about the club's limitations, often lost patience with the fans who demanded more from the club. It is true that we need realism when it comes to a club of Fiorentina's limitations, but that's not the job of the fans.

Prandelli always seemed to understand this. Unfortunately, while he continues to support the club itself, it is clear he still holds a grudge against the ownership, even if he denies it. Prandelli's departure, much like Montella to follow, was not on the best of terms, sparking an acrimonious response from the Della Valle brothers that would continue years later, with Diego Della Valle accusing him of running away after Prandelli quit the national team. Prandelli says he has no relationship with the Fiorentina owners.

"As for my relationship with Diego Della Valle, there is no relationship. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, even if certain utterances have hurt me. But that’s life."

Prandelli is currently unattached after spending a disappointing season with Turkish giants Galatasaray from 2014 to 2015.