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Party like it's 1999

That's the last time Fiorentina topped the Serie A table, so we figured we'd relive the glory days.

Joan Verdu has got the requisite moves for the musical offerings below.
Joan Verdu has got the requisite moves for the musical offerings below.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Gabriel Batistuta was banging in the goals last time Fiorentina led the league, with help from Rui Costa and a pre-Carnaval Edmundo; Francesco Toldo was between the sticks. Fiorentina would finish third that year due to a leaky defense, some poor away form, and a bit of a late-season collapse, but it was still a pretty good year. So (and drew t actually beat us to the punch in the comments section on BGW 16), what else was #1 in February of 1999?

#1 Song

US: "Angel of Mine" by Monica

UK: "Maria" by Blondie

Italy: "Believe" by Cher

#1 Movie



Premier League: Manchester United

Bundesliga: Bayern München

La Liga: Barcelona

Serie B: Hellas Verona

NCAA American football: University of Tennessee Volunteers

NCAA Basketball: University of Connecticut Huskies


Pop singer Bea Miller was born. I'd never heard of her, but apparently she's charted an album, so there's that.

New York Red Bulls midfielder Tyler Adams hadn't even been born. Neither had Babymetal singer Yui Mizuno (seriously, Google Babymetal if you aren't familiar).

Other notable nuggets

According to the internet, everyone dressed like this.


The Canadian territory of Nunavut didn't exist. Neither did the television show SpongeBob SquarePants. Or the music service Napster.

The world's population remained under 6 billion.

Philip J. Fry hadn't yet been cryogenically frozen.

And, of course, any retrospective of 1999 would be incomplete without Prince and the Revolution.