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Friday Poll: Would you accept Atlético Madrid’s bid for Vlahović?

Dusan’s chances of staying are getting lower by the day

Fiorentina reveal throwback 2021-22 home kit

The Viola go retro for their new kit, and we want to know what you think

Friday Poll: Is Kokorin a viable backup striker?

The Russian has, hm, underwhelmed so far during his Viola career, but there’s word leaking out of Moena that he could serve as the vice-Vlahović.

Friday Poll: How do you feel about Antognoni leaving?

The Viola legend no longer has a position with the team.

Friday Poll: Italy or England?

Last call for caring about international tournaments before we turn our attention Fiorentinaward again.

Friday Poll: Are Italy going to win the Euros?

The Azzurri are just two games away from glory.

Friday Poll: Who’s going to be Fiorentina’s next manager?

It’s staggering that we’re still asking this.

Friday Poll: Are Fiorentina lucky to have dodged a Mendes bullet?

The Portuguese agent brings a lot of baggage with him, as the Viola belatedly learned.

Friday Poll: What do you think about Castrovilli’s call up?

The Viola midfielder is a late addition to Italy’s Euro squad.

Friday Poll: What should Fiorentina do while everyone else is scrambling for a coach?

Getting Ringhio to sign on the dotted line so quickly feels like a massive win for the Viola, and they should enjoy it.

Friday Poll: Fonseca or Gattuso?

Which of the two favorites for the Viola bench do you prefer?

Friday Poll: Who do you want to see relegated?

After Fiorentina, there are 4 teams in real danger of going down. They’ve all got qualities to recommend them going either direction.

Friday Poll: De Zerbi or Gattuso?

The two (allegedly) leading candidates for the Fiorentina bench next year are both interesting candidates, but only one can win this poll.

Friday Poll: Should Fiorentina extend Cáceres?

The Uruguayan defender’s contract runs out at the end of the year, but he could prove a useful piece for the Viola in the short term.

Friday Poll: Who’s the best partner for Vlahović?

It’s pretty clear that the Very Large Young Adult Man needs some help up front, but who’s the best option to provide it?

Friday Poll: Pick a pigeon picture

The stadia aren’t quite closed.

Report: Torino offers €16 Million for Christian Kouamé

The Ivorian may be moving on after just a year in Florence

Friday Poll: What’s Fiorentina’s greatest need in the mercato?

You can only pick one.

Friday Poll: Who’s your favorite striker for the January window?

Fiorentina have been linked to a handful of center forwards in this winter mercato.

Friday Poll: What makes the best day-after leftover?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and some of us are both bloated and trying to figure out how to clean out the fridge.

Friday Poll: Which Fiorentina manager has the most iconic accessory?

The past decade has seen every Viola mister with at least one trademark fashion item, and we want to figure out whose is the best.

Friday Poll: What’ll it take to confirm Prandelli for 2021-2022

If San Cesare leads the Viola on a historic run, replacing him might get pretty awkward. Just humor us, please.

Report: Prandelli Return Imminent

The longest-serving Viola boss in history looks likely to return to the touchline

Friday Poll: Which of these critters is the cutest?

How about something pleasant as you head into the weekend?

Friday Poll: Which striker should start against Spezia?

We know one of the forwards is a certain 37-year-old Frenchman, but the other remains a mystery.

Friday Poll: Who’s Fiorentina’s best summer signing?

This is the smallest number of incoming transfers in recent memory, so we get a nice short poll.

Friday Poll: For the final shirt poll of the year (promise), what do we think of the third kit?

Getting rather tired of these but somebody’s got to figure it out.

Friday Poll: Grade Fiorentina’s new jerseys

Kappa’s released the new Viola strip and we’d like to hear your thoughts.

Friday Poll: What do we think of the leaked Fiorentina shirt?

We may have our first glimpse of the Kappa jersey for next year.

Friday Poll: What’s the goal for the rest of the year?

With 11 games left, it’s time to figure out what this club should be trying to do.

Friday Poll: How do you use Franck Ribery against Brescia?

It’s been 224 days since we saw the French attacker suit up. What’s the best way to use him?

Friday Poll: What grade do you give Rocco so far?

It’s been 364 days since Commisso bought the Viola, so it’s time to think about it a bit.