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Fiorentina threaten Inter & Salah with legal action

But whilst the club do not want to be pushed around, there are pressing issues to be dealt having some players for next season

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Just when you thought the last episode of the Mohammed Salah telenovela had been aired, the powers that be at Fiorentina have decided to renew for another season. Today, Sky Sport Italia reporter Manuele Baiocchini broke the news via Twitter that Fiorentina had sent a formal letter to Inter, accusing them of contacting the player whilst still under contract with them.

It is interesting to note that Inter manager Roberto Mancini denied having called Salah - laughing it off by saying that he had no credit on his phone. It may not be so amusing for Inter once they receive Fiorentina's letter, as according to, it invokes invokes Article 18, Paragraph 3 of the Regulation on the Status and Transfer of Players of the FIGC: "A club intending to conclude a contract with a professional must inform the club that owns the player in writing before embarking on negotiations with the professional in question. A professional is free to sign a contract with another club as long as the contract with his current club has expired or will expire within six months. Any violations of this rule will be punished with appropriate penalties "

It is not just Inter, though, that will face the wrath of the Della Valles. Salah himself has been summoned to the pre-season training camp at Moena on 13th July and has been threatened with legal action should he not do so.

Whilst it is accepted that Salah and his agent have behaved badly, it remains to be seen whether Fiorentina's current course of action will do the club any good in the long run. Although Salah has caused a lot of heartache, the drawn out saga is drawing attention away from the fact that much work is to be done to assemble a squad for the coming season.