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Le Coq Sportif unveils new Fiorentina kits

After a few weeks of glimpses and teasers, LCS has revealed the unis for next season, and they're gorgeous.

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My god, it's full of stars.
My god, it's full of stars.
Le Coq Sportif

After signing on with Le Coq Sportif, Fiorentina fans eagerly awaited the new kit manufacturer's work. Best known as the makers of the Everton uniform, LCS also have Nagoya Grampus, Homenmen Beirut, FC Seoul, and FC Sevastapol on their roster; Saint-Étienne has recently signed on with the clothier as well. The unifying thread between all those teams' jerseys is an effortless simplicity and elegance, and with Fiorentina's new shirts, the French company did not disappoint.

The new kits (click on that link right now) are a somewhat deeper purple than in previous years. The shirts are collarless. There's a clean line of white embroidery down the trunk on each side. There's a fleur-de-lis in a darker purple on the sleeve. The Fiorentina badge is on the left breast (not too big, not too small) as usual, and is balanced by Le Coq Sportif's rooster-and-French-flag logo on the right, which seems appropriate given Florence's historical ties to France. The away kit is the same, but with the white and purple reversed, and is also lovely. The third kit is midnight blue with gold trim. All three are understated and super rad.

Also of note are the shorts. There are purple, white, and midnight blue ones, each with the badge on the right thigh and the LCS logo on the left. There's a single line of piping down each side which should match up with the shirts. There's also a weird little panel on the right butt cheek with a French tricolor on it. Most exciting, though, is that the website seems to match up the white shorts with the purple top, and the purple shorts with the white top, referencing a mid-century Fiorentina. Wikipedia lists the unis as all purple and all white, so it may just be a website hiccup, but we can still hope.

The goalie jerseys are bright green and light grey with a large fleur-de-lis offset on the left side, with the badge on the left breast and logo on the right. Each keeper shirt has matching shorts.

The sponsor for the upcoming year will probably be Volkswagen, so expect a VW on the front. Hopefully it won't be garishly large. Having Italy, France, and Germany all represented on the shirt does make for a pan-European feel; let's hope Fiorentina can match that with a Europa League win.