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Updates on Fiorentina players representing their countries.

We all know who to blame for the Nico González situation

Fiorentina’s best player recovering from injury just in time for the World Cup has triggered some anger from the fans, but it’s worth remembering where to direct it.

Fiorentina’s potential World Cup participants have their work cut out for them

It’s an intriguing draw all around for the Viola who have a good chance of participating in Qatar

Fiorentina’s Argentines still had a better break than its Moroccans

Morocco and Argentina just went through two of the strangest and/or scariest international experiences in recent memory.

Fiorentina wins Copa America and the Euros

The Viola on international duty did their nations proud.

Friday Poll: Italy or England?

Last call for caring about international tournaments before we turn our attention Fiorentinaward again.

Watch out for Youssef Maleh (and others) next season

We look at five loanees who have a chance at making an impact with the Viola in the upcoming campaign

Your Fiorentina International Break Round-Up

How’d the Viola do who managed to leave Firenze these past couple of weeks?

Fiorentina players leaving for international duty despite local ban

Nobody wins here except FIFA and the continental confederations, who get to rack in the cash from another round of international matches that could wreak havoc on calcio.

Covid-19 Chaos Hits International Break

An attempt to make some sense of the latest covid related crisis to hit football.

Fiorentina Femminile sends 7 to represent their countries

The international break is here for some of our players, all trying to qualify for the Euro Finals

Lucas Martínez Quarta is very good

A standout in Argentina’s opening World Cup qualifier, LMQ will help Fiorentina in several ways

Federico Chiesa scores first Azzurri goal

The winger was the key man in Italy’s dismantling of Armenia.

Fiorentina lose Pezzella and Drągowski to injury

We’re three days into the first international break and are down the club captain and the only backup goalkeeper. That’s not a good thing.

15 Fiorentina players reporting for international duty

That’s a pretty good number for the youngest team in Italy.

Cristiano Biraghi hands Italy the win with his debut international goal

"Azzurri hero Biraghi" has a nice ring to it, no?

Watch Germán Pezzella score his first goal for Argentina

The Fiorentina captain has officially opened his international account, and he celebrated it in a way that’ll make Viola fans love him even more.