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Better Know Florence

ViolaNation Exclusive - Fiorentina takes us on a tour of the Artemio Franchi

Did you know Fiorentina means "little flower"? I didn’t. Probably should, but didn’t. But should...

Better Know Florence: One Fan's First Experience

Tom Lane went to Fiorentina Vs. Juventus back in April, and got in touch to tell us about it.

Better Know Florence: Piazzale Michelangelo

The stunning vantage point is a must on any trip to the Renaissance city

Better Know Florence: Live games at the Franchi

Travelling to Florence to watch a game can be a confusing experience, so we have put together a guide to make things a little easier for you

Coming Soon: Better Know Florence

Here at Viola Nation, we are creating a new series of articles on many different aspects of Florence and are asking for your help in creating it