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Stadium Updates

Fiorentina may not have a stadium by the end of the season

Years’ worth of poor planning means the Viola could be on their way out of the Stadio Artemio Franchi before the Conference League quarterfinals.

Where should Fiorentina play from 2024-2026?

The city of Florence claims that it will be refurbishing the Artemio Franchi in that span, so the Viola will need to find temporary digs elsewhere.

Construction on the Artemio Franchi to begin in 2023 amidst more questions

Florence mayor Dario Nardella is setting dates, but even he sounds a bit uncertain about whether the project can be completed in time and on budget.

Nardella unveils designs for Franchi renovations

The publicly funded renovations are scheduled to be ready by 2026

Fiorentina’s new stadium process now involves the president and prime minister of Italy

The latest (and very delayed) effort from Nostra Italia has ground the Viola Park project to a halt yet again.

More Florentines agree that the Franchi needs a total makeover

We chatted with a few more folks living in Firenze, and they uniformly stated that the stadium’s largely past the point of saving.

A new, quiet Rocco emerges in the face of Pessina’s latest Franchi volley

The Viola owner seems to be opting for a lighter touch in public, but there’s still plenty going on under that placid exterior.

Rocco is ready to tear down the Franchi or head for Campi

After seeing a piece of the stadium literally fall off, the Viola owner sounds like he’s reaching the end of his tether.

Superintendent Pessina halts work on new training facility

No, Rocco Commisso isn’t thrilled.

ACCVC and ATF Announce Stadium Petition [UPDATED]

You can sign this through ViolaNation - Here’s how

Noi Stiamo Con Rocco Part Deux

All my life I have been waiting use a Hot Shots reference. Thank you Charlie Sheen for being patient!

Holy smokes, Joe Barone just presented a letter of intent to build a stadium in Campi Bisenzio

The Viola are really moving on from the Stadio Artemio Franchi.

Fiorentina building new training facility at Villa Favard

The Viola are taking their first steps out of the Campo di Marte and it’s a fairly big deal.

Woah, hey, Nardella’s willing to work on a stadium now

This sure feels like an abrupt reversal, but we’re thrilled if the mayor’s willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

NOI STIAMO CON ROCCO - We stand in support of Rocco Commisso and Fiorentina in their effort to build

ACCVC and ATF organize a movement to convince Mayor Nardella and the city of Firenze to act in the best interest of club and city

Fiorentina and Florence might be heading for a messy divorce over new stadium

It sounds like matters may be reaching the boiling point as the local government continues to slow play a new home for the Viola.

Fiorentina rejects Florence’s Mercafir tender

Unless the city government makes some massive changes to the proposal, the Mercafir dream is dead.

After latest reversal, new stadium remains nothing but a shimmering dream

There’s something to be said for consistency, at least, but that’s not enough for this long-suffering fan base.

Fiorentina has three options for new stadium

You have three choices. Pick one.

Friday Poll: Would you rather get a new stadium or keep the Franchi?

Nervi’s masterpiece is one of the most iconic arenas in Italy. On the other hand, owning one’s own stadium is worth a big pile of money.

Holy smokes, Fiorentina have begun working on the Mercafir stadium

Okay, the club has actually just started its preliminary testing of the area, but it still counts.

It’s been 10 years since the Della Valles decided to build a new stadium

But hey, we hear that pretty soon, there’ll be a council vote and that progress is definitely being... okay, I can’t even pretend anymore.

Andrea Della Valle: “We’re targeting 7th”

Oh no, Andrea. Oh. No.

Nardella pledges €385,000 to renovate Curva Fiesole

The iconic stand definitely needs some love, and the mayor of Florence is ready to provide it.

Mercafir stadium running into more problems

Another round of byzantine local politics are pushing the likelihood of a new stadium back even further.

Fiorentina’s new stadium delayed yet again

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: the Mercafir vote on the final has been pushed back.

What does a new stadium mean for Fiorentina?

It actually could change the course of Fiorentina football forever.