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Transfer Tuesdays

Fiorentina linked to Muriel, Stępiński, Kownacki, Gabbiadini everyone else

The Viola are likely to pick up a striker in January. If all of these rumors come true, Pioli’s going to switch to the old 2-3-5 formation.

What is going on with Milan Badelj?

Is he coming? Is he going? Is he standing on one leg and singing "When Father Painted the Parlor?"

Transfer Tuesday: Til the goals come tumbling down

It’s less than 2 weeks until the mercato opens. Expect lots of careful vetting of rumors. Haha kidding.

Transfer Tuesday: Something constructive

No, it’s not a short, blunt human pyramid. What it is, though, is another week’s worth of transfer rumors.

Transfer Tuesday: Entropy

The mercato begins in less than a month. So why does everything feel like it may fall apart?

Transfer Tuesday: Goodbye is all we got left to say

Not many players in the purple-tinged rumors this week, but there are a lot of managers linked to Florence. Color us shocked. Shocked, we say.

Transfer Tuesday: More or less what we expected

No big surprises, but plenty of rumors to pick over for clues.

Transfer Tuesday: Set to light

The hot stove isn’t quite on, but we’re starting to turn the dial as the mercato inches closer.

Transfer Tuesday: Strikers, everywhere strikers

If you believe the rumor mill, the Viola are poised for a lot of turnover in the forward department.

Transfer Tuesday: Let the right one in

There’s a few throwbacks in this week’s edition of Transfer Tuesday. Like, thrown back several decades.

Transfer Tuesday: A little bit stupid

There’s a lot of dumb stuff in here, sure. But if you really dig deep, you’ll find, uh, more dumb stuff. Sorry.

Transfer Tuesday: Just not that into you

This week’s transfer rumors are like a found art project: lots of recycled items.

Transfer Tuesday: Just can’t stop it

If you think the longest season is winter in Siberia, you’re clearly not familiar with the silly season in Serie A.

Transfer Tuesday: Old friends

The rumor mill is spinning its wheels this week. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Transfer Tuesday

The rumor has thankfully slowed down this week. Because it’s September. And that’s a dumb time for transfer rumors.

Transfer Tuesday: Smoldering

Lots of things simmering on the back burner, but it’ll probably be a month or two before they start boiling over.

Transfer Tuesday: We’re baaaaaaaaaaaack

The rumor mill is already creaking back into action, and, futile though it may be, we must heed its siren call.

Transfer Friday: Feels like we only go backwards

We all know that Pantaleo Corvino is probably chest-deep in deals right now since the rumor front has gone awfully quiet, but it's still a little unsettling.

Transfer Tuesday: I'm waiting for my man

Lots of rumors and baseless speculation in this one, so get ready to dive in like Scrooge McDuck.

Transfer Friday: Goodbye is all we got left to say

Seems like the outbox is a lot fuller than the inbox. But hey, situations like this never lead to Yohan Benalouane or anything, right guys? Guys?

Transfer Tuesday: You can't blame the youths

Seems like Fiorentina are just moving around their younger players and ignoring the senior team, but, well, in Corvino fidemus.

Transfer Friday: I don't feel like dancing

There's some pretty exciting news coming out of the Fiorentina camp, but there's also some news that's got us feeling pretty blue.

Transfer Friday: If it don't work out

There are always going to be days where all the awesome players you thought were moving to Fiorentina instead look to be heading elsewhere. This is one of those days.

Transfer Tuesday: It really tied the room together

It's time to learn a bit more about the (Ondrej) Duda. And also some other guys who may end up playing with Fiorentina next season.

Transfer Saturday: Breath of fresh air

The window is open, folks, so here's our first rumor roundup for this mercato.

Transfer Tuesday: Grinding the gears

There are some surprising departures that we learned of this week, but some surprising possible arrivals, too.

Transfer Friday: Set that on the back burner

It's always weird when the rumors cool down right before the transfer market opens.

Transfer Tuesday: Old stuff and new stuff

Some of the rumors are new, but some are the kind you find in a second-hand store.

Transfer Friday

As the mercato approaches, we're kicking our transfer coverage into overdrive.

Transfer Tuesday: Approaching overload

So it turns out that there are a lot of transfer rumors involving Fiorentina around this time of year. Who knew?

Transfer Tuesday: Attack mode

I mean, sure, Corvino's probably going to bring in some defenders, but this week's rumors are all about midfielders and strikers.

Transfer Tuesday: Um, dude, what?

It's time for another week of transfer rumors, and there are some really, really weird ones going around.