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Here’s Fiorentina’s summer transfer business

The window is shut. Relive it with every move the Viola made.

AC Fiorentina unveil new signing Franck Ribery - Serie A Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Did you hear that bang? That was the transfer window mercifully slamming shut, leaving us with nothing to discuss but the calcio for the next 4 months. Fiorentina has the players it’s going to have (barring perhaps a departure or two at the bottom of the roster, since there are still leagues with open windows), so now it’s time for Vincenzo Italiano to figure out how to use them.

A quick note on the figures below: they may be incomplete due to the complexity of agent fees and other hidden figures in transfer business, and they only include baseline numbers without taking into account performance incentives and other bonuses. Since sell-on and buyback clauses aren’t always reported, those may be absent here. They also only take into account the numbers for this season, so any payments in installments aren’t counted. Keep in mind that wages aren’t part of the equation, either, but we’ll try to get something else on that subject in the coming days.

Finally, these fees usually aren’t lump sums, but are rather amortized over the player’s contract. So no, Fiorentina didn’t write Shakhtar a check for €14.5 million; they’ll be making an annual payment to the Ukrainian outfit of about €3 million. That means Fiorentina doesn’t have a massive pile of cash that Daniele Pradè is sitting on like Smaug.


RB Dodô (Shakhtar Donetsk): €14.5 million

CM Rolando Mandragora (Juventus): €8.2 million

AM Antonín Barák (Hellas Verona): €1.5 million loan fee, €12 million option

GK Pierluigi Gollini (Atalanta): €500,000 loan fee, €7.5 million option

CM Tommaso Berti (Cesena): loan, €100,000 option

RW Ciro Capasso (Paganese): free

CF Luka Jović (Real Madrid): free

DM Vincenzo Mandolfo (Pontedera): free


RW Federico Chiesa (Juventus): €40 million

DM Erick (Flamengo): €2.8 million

GK Bartłomiej Drągowski (Spezia): €2 million

CB Daniele Ghilardi (Hellas Verona): €500,000

AM Vittorio Agostinelli (Reggina): loan

CM Isacco Barducci (Cesena): loan

CB Lorenzo Cellai (Virtus Verona): loan

CM Giovanni Corradini (Pro Vercelli): loan

CB Christian Dalle Mura (SPAL): loan

AM Andrei David (Piacenza): loan

CB Eduard Duțu (Reggina): loan

CF Destiny Egharevba (Vis Pesaro): loan

RB Gabriele Ferrarini (Monza): loan, unknown option and counter-option

CB Filippo Frison (Fiorenzuola): loan

RB Davide Gentile (Pro Vercelli): loan

CF Gabriele Gori (Reggina): loan

CF Aleksandr Kokorin (Aris Limassol): loan

DM Vincenzo Mandolfo (Pordenone): loan

CF Louis Munteanu (Farul): loan

RB Edoardo Pierozzi (Palermo): loan

RB Niccolò Pierozzi (Reggina): loan

CB Jacob Rasmussen (Feyenoord): loan, unknown option

CF Samuele Spalluto (Ternana): loan

GK Federico Brancolini (Lecce): free

RW José Callejón (Granada): free

CB Lorenzo Chiti: free

GK Davide Dainelli (Scandicci): free

GK Gabriele Fogli (Livorno): free

GK Simone Ghidotti (Como): free

CM Marko Hanuljak (Osijek): free

LW Christian Koffi (Intercity): free

RB Denis Koffi (Ternana): free

DM Alessandro Lovisa (Triestina): free

RB Mattia Macchi (Gavorrano): free

CB Filippo Marenco (Viterbese): free

RW Andrea Milani: free

AM Tòfol Montiel (Mallorca): free

CB Matija Nastasić (Mallorca): free

CM Gian Marco Neri (Livorno): free

LW Lorenzo Petronelli (Prato): free

RB Andrea Poggesi (Arezzo): free

GK Jacopo Ricco (Ravenna): free

CB Lorenzo Rocchetti (Poggibonsi): free

CF Jacopo Salini: free

LB Jakob Vadstrup Larsen (Helsingör): free

GK Antonio Rosati: retired


Spent: €24.7 million

Earned: €45.3 million