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Open thread: What do you think of Fiorentina’s mercato?

Give us your thoughts on what the Viola did in the transfer window.

AC Fiorentina unveil new signing Franck Ribery - Serie A Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The transfer window is closed and, barring additions from free agents, Fiorentina’s team is locked in until January. It was quite a ride in Rocco Commisso’s first ever mercato, with some surprises and disappointments, so let’s have a look.

On the plus side, the Viola held onto Federico Chiesa and Nikola Milenković, which seemed deeply unlikely in June. They made an international splash by signing Franck Ribery. The added Pol Lirola, who gives this squad its first real rightback in I don’t know how long. They brought in reinforcements at the base of midfield. They added exciting young strikers in Pedro and Bobby Duncan.

On the other hand, the team didn’t really make a star signing—no Rodrigo de Paul, no Raphinha, no Diego Rossi, no Sandro Tonali. It made a significant downgrade at leftback in swapping Cristiano Biraghi for Dalbert. It failed to unload guys like Bryan Dabo, Cyril Théréau, Valentin Eysseric, and Sebastian Cristoforo. It really seemed like after Udinese refused to let de Paul go, the entire plan went out the window.

So here’s you place to chime in. What grade do you give Fiorentina for this transfer window? Who’s the best signing? The least-inspiring? The one that could be the biggest surprise? How much did the club help itself? Sound off in the comments, please, and full marks for whoever manages to best personify the typical moaning panic that we indulge in around here.