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OFFICIAL: Fiorentina sign Pedro from Fluminense

Campeonato Brasileiro’s “Young Player of the Year” hops off his jet and into Montella’s… first team?

Brazilian Football League Serie A - Brasileirao Assai 2019

Gianluca Di Marzio first started reporting on the links to 22 year old Brazilian striker Pedro last Thursday; today, the Fluminense player completed the transfer reportedly worth €14 million plus 20% of any future fee. With Giovanni Simeone completing a late move to Cagliari, Pedro, at the very least, will offer a useful attacking option to Montella. However, given the team’s current gaping hole at striker, Fiorentina might be hoping Pedro make the role his own.

Anyway, I’ve done some research. Here’s my FAQ on the guy.

Who is he again?

He plays striker. He’s 22 years old; born and raised in Rio De Janeiro; 6’1. He likes his right foot more than his left. His name is Pedro. His last name doesn’t seem to matter.

Is he any good?

This is a complicated question, but most signs point to yes. He’s incredibly athletic, strong enough to push off defenders, and full of little tricks. This season at Fluminense, he’s scored five goals in ten matches. Last season, impressively, he was named “Young Player of the Year.” His agent claims they had an agreement with European giants Real Madrid while he was topping the Brazilian scoring charts last August.

Well, what happened to Real Madrid?

When Pedro was 19 appearances and 10 goals into his breakout season – at the height of his career – he tears his ACL and sits on the bench for 7 months. With bigger clubs hesitant, La Viola swoop in and sign the hot prospect for a bargain price.

Ok, ok. What can I expect from him?

Back in Brazil, long-time Fluminense striker Fred trained and molded young Pedro into the player he is today. Apart from the whole first name thing, Fred’s influence is evident. Watching highlights of them both, the first thing you notice is lots of flair. Here is a list of things that Pedro enjoys: back-heel goals, acrobatic bicycle kicks, scoring with his… chest?

Watch that and more below. At 2:40, he scores with his arm. Who knew that was legal!

But can he adapt to Serie A?

This is the million-dollar question. Given that he is only 22, has issues with injuries, and hasn’t dealt with Italian defenses, there are legitimate risks associated with the deal. But his athleticism and ability to feed passes to his teammates has me thinking that Fiorentina have a long-term solution to their goal scoring troubles.

The only issue is that we need goals, like, now.