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Is Borja Valero on his way back?

Di Marzio reports Fiorentina still want ‘Il Sindaco’

FC Internazionale Pre-Season Summer Tour
The drama. The intrigue.
Photo by Claudio Villa - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Prade and company met with Inter’s representatives to discuss a deal to bring Borja Valero back to Fiorentina.

As a fan favorite, it’s easy to see why Fiorentina are so eager to get his name on paper. He’d be a great presence in the locker room, the midfield is lacking his type of creativity, and he has the coordinates of a famous bridge in town etched onto his body.

Having previously been all but forced out of Florence by cost-cutting Pantaleo Corvino, Valero made a total of 73 appearances for Inter over two years. The Spanish midfielder is reportedly keen on returning to a club for which he has made 165 appearances. That’s, like, twice the amount of appearances.

Fiorentina are also keen on his return, but perhaps I’m the keenest of them all. His silky passing is what made me fall in love with the team, just five years ago. If the finances of the deal can be worked out, Rocco Commisso will be making a move that shows commitment to the fan base.

Until then, here’s some nostalgia:

Be sure to tune in next week for ‘A Brief List of Things More Likely than Borja Valero’s Arrival’.