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Report: Fiorentina want Llorente

Oh great, another former Juventus player...

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

It is no secret that Commisso has been looking for an ‘experienced striker’. We seem to have been linked with everyone under the sun from Mario Balotelli to Javier ‘Chicarito’ Hernández. At this rate, we might as well ask for Gilardino to come out of retirement to enjoy a third stint at the club (but a man can only dream).

Now, Di Marzio is reporting that there is ‘strong interest’ in veteran Spanish striker Fernando Llorente whose contract has just been terminated by Tottenham Hotspur. On paper, this seems like the perfect fit for Uncle Vinny. He’s been there and done it all, having won a World Cup, Europa League and two Serie A titles with (if you play Fifa) Piemonte Calcio. Although 34 (two years older than when Gilardino came back in 14-15 for some perspective) he’s just come out of a relatively successful season with Spurs. Playing second fiddle to Harry Kane, he only got 1 goal in 20 in the Premier League (but hey, those 4 assists tho). His record in knockout competitions was a lot stronger, scoring twice in the Champions League including what would turn out to be the winning goal against Man City in the quarters (even if it was a ‘Hand of God’) and 5 in 6 during the domestic cups.

Let’s be clear, these stats aren’t going to have locals dancing naked in the Piazza Della Signoria, although at the rate we are signing players perhaps it will. Either way, Llorente is still a very solid and reliable back up option to Cholito. He has the technical ability to cause problems with his strong physical presence when called upon as something of an ‘impact sub’. Although not the striker he was at Bilbao, where he was known as ‘The Lion King’, there is still plenty he could offer this squad during this season even if he is no longer a spring chicken.