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So now it sounds like Chiesa has agreed to terms with Juventus

Everyone seems to think that the player is ready to join the Bianconeri, but it’s not a done deal until the Viola agree to the move as well.

ACF Fiorentina v US Sassuolo - Serie A
When you hear Fede’s leaving
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fresh off a rather humiliating exchange about whether or not Federico Chiesa’s future is at Fiorentina, we’ve now gotten word that, contrary to the statement released by the club yesterday, the Italy international winger has agreed to a contract with Juventus that will pay him €50 million over 5 years, as reported by the ever-reliable Gianluca Di Marzio.

The only silver lining here for Viola supporters is that the the team hasn’t set up a fee with the Bianconeri; unless and until that happens, Fede will remain a Fiorentina player. With alleged new owner Rocco Commisso reportedly keen to keep his new toy’s best player, it’s possible that he could convince the 21-year-old to stick around with a substantial pay raise and promises for future improvement throughout the squad.

More realistically, though, if Commisso wants to score some points with the supporters, he’ll make sure that Chiesa moves anywhere but Juve. While new Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte is said to be keen on the wide man, an even better option would be sending him to Liverpool or Bayern Munich, both of whom are thought to be interested as well.

While it would be a huge blow to lose Chiesa, who’s risen through the ranks at the Viola academy since childhood and is the son of a team icon, losing him to the hated Juvenuts would sting even worse. On the other hand, he probably isn’t going to earn the disdain of the supporters the way that Federico Bernardeschi did when he moved to Turin two years ago, as the Viola 25 hasn’t publicly professed his desire to become the next Giancarlo Antognoni. Chiesa has instead remained quiet and professional throughout this entire debacle. As he stayed last year despite a few serious offers, it’s clear that he’s done his best for Fiorentina and needs to leave to continue his growth.

It’s not over, though, until the announcement’s gone through, and we’re a long way from that. If Commisso (or Al-Khelaifi, or whoever the next owner is) can convince Chiesa that Florence is the best place for him—and there are already prominent voices wondering if he’s ready for the next step yet—we could well get another year of Fede. Like everything about Fiorentina, it’s all a mystery right now.