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OFFICIAL: Salifu, Mosti, and Pinto join Arezzo

That’s 2 young defenders and one midfielder who’s got over 40 matches of Serie A experience.

ACF Fiorentina v US Lecce - Serie A
Weep for what could have been.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

While we wait for a marquee signing to arrive in Moena, Pantaleo Corvino keeps the Fiorentina machine humming along. He’s just finalized loan moves to Serie C outfit Arezzo for three players: Primavera defenders Luca Mosti and Pierluigi Pinto, as well as midfielder Amidu Salifu. All three are expected to join their new team for preseason shortly.

Mosti is a 20-year-old rightback from the coastal town of Massa, which lies about 20 miles northwest of Lucca. He’s spent his entire career in the Fiorentina academy, earning a promotion to the Primavera back in 2015. However, he only became a regular starter last season since guys like Enea Sanna and Giuseppe Scalera blocked his path before that. He split time with Gabriele Ferrarini last year, eventually making 20 appearances. From what I can tell, he’s got decent pace and likes to get forward; like many young defenders, he needs to work on his awareness and marking. Arezzo, while close to Florence, may not be a good fit; veteran Alessio Luciani has a strong hold on the rightback spot in new manager Alessandro dal Canto’s preferred 4-3-1-2, and there are three other young rightbacks vying for minutes on the roster. We like Mosti, but this may not be the best option for his development. We’ll see, though, when he returns to Florence at the end of the season.

Pinto is a 19-year-old centerback who hails from Brindisi, although he’s also a lifetime Viola player. He was second in the Primavera defense last year in minutes played behind Luca Ranieri. As one of just 3 central defenders currently on the Amaranto roster, he should see plenty of action, which is definitely a plus, although Arezzo may look to bring in another option or two. Pinto should still get some chances, though, as he’s the sort of defender a coach loves, a no-nonsense type who never gives up on the cause. He’s not the fastest, but he’s strong, fearless, and has a knack for making last-ditch blocks in the box.

The third member of the Arezzo three is also probably the most familiar to fans. You can’t really call Amidu Salifu a prospect anymore; the midfield destroyer from Ghana turns 26 this year and is probably more or less the player he’s going to be. That said, it’s fair to wonder if he could have been a star had injuries not robbed him of long stretches of his career—after all, Salifu made his Serie A bow in 2011 and has 25 top flight appearances. Last year saw him make 20 appearances with Vicenza in Serie C, which indicates that he’s at least still useful in the third tier. Unlike Mosti and Pinto, this deal is a loan with an option for the Amaranti to buy him outright. If they don’t, he’ll return to Fiorentina again, as his contract doesn’t run out until 2020.