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Okay, fine, Fiorentina may be after de Paul

We don’t really see it, but we’ve heard it enough that we should at least address this one.

Udinese Calcio v Atalanta BC - Serie A
In fairness, everyone looks bad in black and white stripes.
Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

While you might think that Fiorentina would be too smart to try to buy from Udinese. The Friulians are rightly renowned for their ability to squeeze in very last cent from a sale (see: dal Bono, Felipe), and the Viola have been all about bargains for the past couple of years. That’s why we’re skeptical of the reports that Fiorentina are in for Rodrigo de Paul, but feel like we should address it due to the rumor’s persistence.

De Paul is doubtless a talent, albeit perhaps a one-dimensional one. He’s a bit of a Mauro Zárate character in that, while he’s got quickness (but perhaps not pace) and technical ability on the ball, his favorite thing to do is let fly from distance with his rocket-boosted right boot. He’s not a bad passer either and can occasionally unlock a defense or provide a lovely cross, but his primary brief is to shoot from distance. Following an underwhelming stint at Valencia, de Paul has resurrected himself at Udinese, generally working from the wing, although he can drop off the striker as well.

The 24-year-old Argentine notched 4 goals and 8 assists last term, which perhaps exaggerates his creative abilities a bit. Nevertheless, 12 goals in Serie A will elevate most anyone’s profile, and the Zebrette seem ready to cash in.

That’s the rub, though: you know the Bianconeri will want to turn a major profit on a player they bought for €3 million. While you never know where Corvino will land when he jumps, it’s hard to see Fiorentina going head to head with some of the other clubs mentioned as potential suitors; Sevilla and Porto, frankly, draw a lot more water these days. More likely, de Paul’s agent is trying to drive the player’s price up by leaking things to the media. On a scale of “we believe this is happening” to “Rolando Bianchi,” we rate this one a solid Pedro Obiang.

That means it’s probably not going to happen.