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OFFICIAL: Fiorentina loan Venuti to Benevento

It certainly looks like the best possible outcome for all parties.

Italy U21 Training Session
And away we go.
Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Benevento just reached Serie A for the first time in their 88 year history. While that’s certainly worth celebrating, president Oreste Vigorito knows that the top flight is always a struggle for first-timers and is already working to shore up the squad. Instead of splashing cash on an unknown, though, he’s opted to bring back Fiorentina loanee for a second consecutive year.

It’s the perfect deal for everyone involved. The Stregoni get their first-choice rightback from last season, a player that manager Marco Baroni used in pretty much every match and in a variety of positions, including leftback and right midfield. For both the Viola and Venuti, it’s just as good, as the youngster will get his first taste of Serie A along with regular minutes and a chance to both test himself against the best in Italy and grow, which he probably wouldn’t do if he’d stayed in Florence.

All in all, we’re excited for Lollo and we’ll be keeping a close eye on him. He’ll be in good company at Benevento, too, which has a sizable Florentine contingent: Michele Camporese and Daniel Agyei are both academy products, and Daniele Buzzegoli was born in the city.

So good luck, Lorenzo, and we’ll see you next year, at which point we hope you’ll nail down that rightback spot for the next decade or so.