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Fiorentina look to native Piccini

If Piccini knows anything, he’ll know we need him.

Real Betis Balompie v FC Barcelona - La Liga
Piccini appears to be tackling Neymar, which is good enough for me.
Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

For one moment let me draw your attention away from what has been a pretty dour week for Fiorentina towards a rumour indicating La Viola are looking at bringing Real Betis fullback Cristiano Piccini into the fold. Yes, it may not be Federico Bernardeschi signing a life-long unbreakable contract but the mere mention of the possibility of him hopping aboard this slowly sinking ship certainly gives our weary souls something different to think about.

As you may have noticed from the title, Piccini is a Florentine, through and through, and suprisingly had previously served a staggering 13 years at the club. A youth player from the years 2002-11, lest we not forget the groundbreaking impact he had throughout his 5 years as a senior player, with his single appearance in those 5 years truly being a “Where were you when it happened?” moment for all Viola fans.

Anyway, moving into less sarcastic territory, Cristiano Piccini is an academy graduate, a defender... and a right back! Hallelujah! Currently plying his trade in La Liga for mid-table dwellers Real Betis, Fiorentina are monitoring his situation after what has been a breakout season for the 24 year old.

Having featured in 20 of Betis’ 25 games so far, its fair to say the Italian has been consistent, and having nailed down the right flank for Betis he has managed a rather underwhelming 3 assists. Now it would be rich for Corvino to expect much more from a right back considering he hasn't bothered with one for the best part of 2 years, but the mere fact Piccini is a local and fits a gaping hole in the squad makes him a whole lot more attractive.

Not exactly sure I’d describe the video below as ‘skillshow’, but nonetheless, as long as you can mute the audio, you’ll see a player who seems like he could come in handy back in Florence.

Interestingly, as per, there are reports of a €2.5 million buy back clause which was inserted into the deal which took him to Betis, making the prospect of resigning him all the more alluring for the board.

So there we have it, smiles all round... right? Without getting into the sheer ludicrousness of the current full back situation, Piccini strikes a welcoming figure, a Florence born, clearly capably full back who would only improve the team. Heaven knows how desperate I am to see a legitimate, real life right back pull on the purple jersey, so please excuse me while I get back to making my premature ‘Welcome to Fiorentina Piccini’ YouTube video accompanied with suitable Dance track.