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Milenkovic deal looks done and dusted

Another successful shopping trip to the Balkans for the Fat Ninja...

Catania Calcio v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
This is Corvino’s actual resting face.
Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Reports emerging from have claimed that Fiorentina's deal for Serbian defender Nikola Milenkovic is all wrapped up.

Suggestions state that the 19 year old is signed, sealed and ready to be delivered to Florence on the 1st of July. With the deal having been in the pipeline for some time, its no major shock to see Milenkovic signing for Fiorentina, after all, he's Balkan and Corvino is, well, Corvino.

Without getting carried away about the logic in the board signing a likely Primavera player when the first team is in depserate need of rebuilding, Milenkovic is smart.

Young and standing at a colossal 6'5, Milenkovic is being reported as costing Fiorentina around €5.1 million euros. If Milenkovic if first team ready, which will be highly unlikely, it may be a move by the board in anticipation of Gonzalo’s departure.

If Milenkovic does manage to fill the Gonzalo shaped hole one day then the €5.1 million euro fee would look shrewd. However, until now, the Jury is out.

Either way, here its the obligatory highlights reel for you to enjoy. Admittedly it isn’t accompanied by Eurotrash but I’d still give it a mute...