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Tianjin reportedly return for Kalinić

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Cue Jaws theme music...

AC Milan v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
It’s last chance saloon for Nikola.
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

You know those cold callers who annoy the heck out of you by repeatedly dialling your digits in the hope that one day you will listen to a word they have to say? Well that’s the scenario that Nikola Kalinić must feel like he's dealing with as reports are suggesting that Tianjin Quanjian have yet again resurfaced, like a bad smell that won't go away. Rising from the depths of despair Tianjin have decided to once again test the resolve of Kalinić, this time reportedly returning with a rather bigger purse, a €15 million-per-year sized purse to be precise. Tianjin’s return for the Croat signals their burning desire to get Kalinić on a one way flight to the land of The Red Dragon, and with the Chinese Super league getting under way in the next few weeks Fabio Cannavaro will be desperate to bolster his attack with one of Serie A’s most clinical strikers.

Kalinić’s rejection of Tianjin’s advances in January signalled the Fiorentina no.9’s intentions to remain with the club at least till the summer. His admission earlier this month that he feel more at home than ever in Florence doused talk of him being tempted by the riches thrown his way, but should Tianjin persist and should this season take a nosedive there is a chance that Kalinić may well indeed seek pastures new.

Despite a potential switch seeming unlikely given his declaration of love for Florence and Fiorentina, to completely rule out a future move away in the summer would be foolish. However Kalinić’s honest and frankly glowing outpouring of love for his current situation in Florence certainly casts a heavy shadow for now.

"Around my transfer there was a lot of pressure, they pushed hard in China.”

"It’s as if the Press wants to get rid of me, but not Fiorentina and their fans.” Kalinić told Sportske Novosti.

As previously discussed, its hard to not like Kalinić’s standpoint on the issue, but it once again raises the gut wrenching situation of the one that got away for the Fiorentina board. A reported €45 million fee has been offered, €5m down on their initial bid, but still €45 million too good to turn down. If only Kalinić was more willing to play the part of the sacrificial lamb, Fiorentina’s wallet going into the summer could well be much fatter, which in turn means permanent deals for Cristoforo and Olivera, yay!

Of course, the situation at hand resembles that of a double edged sword; Kalinić’s rejection means Fiorentina are a lot less richer than they could be going into the summer, but there are no guarantees Fiorentina will make the European spots without him nor invest the money wisely come the off-season.

Either way, what looks like a frankly desperate attempt to lure Kalinić one more time from Tianjin combined with a hidden desire from the board to take the €45 million and run behind the disguise of a smiling Corvino means very little... Kalinić ain’t gonna budge.