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Haris Seferovic tapped for a Viola return

Remember this guy? He hung out in Florence for awhile. Did some stuff. And now maybe he’ll do it again. But probably not.

BL: FC Ingolstadt 04 - Eintracht Frankfurt
Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Haris Seferovic was one of a number of reasonably talented Fiorentina strikers who didn’t pan out in Florence, but has since built a career elsewhere. While there’s no shame in spending some time in Florence and then becoming a solid journeyman player elsewhere, the difference with Seferovic is that he may have the chance to come back.

With the Kalinic saga still sputtering along without any conclusion, the Swiss striker is the latest “replacement” up top. He’s currently at Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany, where he’s holding off Viola loanee Ante Rebic for the starting spot on the left wing, but he’s always looked more comfortable as a striker. He’s a very good finisher with both feet and his head and has scored some really spectacular goals over the years, but he’s not the strongest or the fastest or the most technical player you’ll ever see.

After leaving Fiorentina 4 years ago, he’s settled into the Bundesliga after a rather fruitless spell with Real Sociedad. He’s a nice player, but certainly not at Kalinic’s level, despite his 38 caps for Switzerland and 8 goals there. He’s got 2 in 12 appearances for Frankfurt this year, mostly on the wing. If (and it’s a big if) Kalinic leaves, Seferovic would make a very nice backup to Khouma Babacar. Otherwise, it’s hard to see what the point of bringing him back would be.