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Hernan Toledo wants to stay in Florence

Despite offers from Europe and South America, the mystery man believes he can stick with the Viola.

View of Toledo at sunset, Castile
No, not that Toledo.
Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

We still don’t really know a darn thing about Hernan Toledo other than that he’s a 20-year-old Argentinean winger who can run very, very fast. But apparently somebody out there knows a lot more about him than we do, because there are no less than 4 clubs trying to pick him up this January.

Given his inability to even make many waves with the Primavera, much less the senior side, there are plenty of clubs that’ll see him as a bargain pickup in January. UD Las Palmas in Spain, Gremio in Brazil (hi Davih), and Gimnasia la Plata in Argentina have joined Vélez Sarsfield (more on that here) in the quest to land the theoretically talented attacker.

However, he’s on loan from Deportivo Maldonado, which could complicate matters considerably, especially since they’ll be hoping to cash in on the buyout clause, which is somewhere between €7 million and €30 million—reports have varied widely. Adding to the confusion is that the player himself has stated that he wants to stay in Florence and, now that he’s fully healthy, convince Paulo Sousa to give him a chance. He did not, however, mention if he’s actually a real person.

So that’s all perfectly clear, then. A player with an unknown price and unknown quality may leave Fiorentina before ever playing for them, or he may not. A temporary move away might help him, so we’ll keep an eye for that, but it’d also just compound the headache that comes with thinking about him.