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Would Fiorentina take a shot with Gabigol?

The Brazilian wunderkind has had a bumpy landing in Italy to say the least, and the Viola probably won’t look to babysit him.

FC Internazionale Training Session
Be nice to see him do something outside of training.
Photo by Claudio Villa - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Fiorentina were briefly linked to Brazilian wunderkind Gabriel Barbosa last summer before he eventually signing on with Inter Milan for €30 million. However, the dysfunction at the club has pushed the 19-year-old to the fringes, and he’s made just 3 appearances thus far, totaling 20 minutes altogether. His agent says he just wants to play and has welcomed the idea of a loan move away so the kid can get his feet wet.

It’s no secret that Corvino was a big Gabigol fan; he tried to get him to Florence, and had previously tried to sign him at Bologna. But this is just pure fantasy stuff. The Viola can’t find minutes for their own young star forward Khouma Babacar, and trying to cater to the needs of a recently-arrived teenager doesn’t make sense for a club that’s underachieving. A few months of a striker who might one day be world class just isn’t worth throwing everything into disarray for.

This is almost certainly a classic Pantaleo Corvino smokescreen, although, as usual, we have no idea what his actual intentions are. Maybe it’s just so he can talk to Inter about a Jovetic deal. Maybe it’s something else entirely, and we’ll never really be sure. Either way, just ignore any Gabigol-to-Florence rumors you hear, because it’s almost certainly lies and calumnies.