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Viola eyeing Lille’s Terrier

The teenage winger. Not the dog. We think.

Sure, but he’s no Madrigali.
martin_terrier on Instagram

The worst part about Martin Terrier is that he isn’t a combative central midfielder, the type who chases play around and isn’t afraid to nip at some ankles. It hasn’t stopped Pantaleo Corvino from dispatching scouts to watch the 19-year-old Lille winger, but c’mon: a hardworking central midfielder named Terrier would have been too perfect. At least posts pictures of his dog on Instagram. Maybe that’s why West Ham and Everton are also scouting him.

He’s risen through the ranks at Lille and has now earned a regular spot on the bench, appearing in 6 Ligue 1 matches. He’s also started both domestic cup matches and even got himself a goal and an assist, albeit against Reunion-based lower-division side Excelsior de St. Joseph.

Terrier’s pace is probably his most notable attribute, although (as you can see from the goal) he’s got a decent shot on him as well. He likes to stay wide before cutting in to shoot or pass. He looks a lot more comfortable on the wing, although he can also play as a number 10. He’d probably need a few years of seasoning before he’s ready to contribute to Fiorentina, which means he’s just the sort of signing Corvino favors.