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Poll: The ones that got away

Not that we want to sound ungrateful or anything, but there were a lot of really exciting players Fiorentina missed out on.

Paulo Sousa likes this.
Paulo Sousa likes this.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Let’s begin by saying that Pantaleo Corvino is a wizard. A conjurer. A mesmerist. In short, he’s a spooky supernatural being who gets things done, and that’s why we love him and missed him and were almost uniformly thrilled when he returned to Fiorentina. He repaid that faith from the club and the fans by pulling together one of the more impressive-looking transfer windows I can recall. He shipped out dead wood, sold players for astonishingly high fees, and purchased a collection of promising youngsters and established starters, completely rejuvenating the team at every level.

Naturally, then, we’re going to complain, because there’s no point to loving a team like Fiorentina if you can’t whine about the almosts. Instead of looking back over results, though (because if I think of that Bayern tie in the Champions League again my head will explode), let’s look at it through the lens of this past window.