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Berna categorically rejects any January move

The Italian international has been a popular subject in the media, but has repeated again and again that he’s going nowhere.

ACF Fiorentina v SSC Napoli - Serie A
Thumbs up, indeed.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

If you read the Italian sporting rags, you’d expect that Fiorentina number 10 Federico Bernardeschi is itching for a move away, and that some big club is going to swoop in and scratch it. However, that’s ignoring everything the player himself has said over the past year, and now, on the eve of the opening of the transfer window, he’s repeating it again.

In a recent interview with Premium Sport, the Italian international advised that he’d stopped paying attention to reports in the media and is instead focusing on improving himself and his team. Ever the good company man, he also took pains to praise Paulo Sousa. When asked about being the “new Antognoni” or “new Baggio,” he responded that even being compared to such greats was satisfaction enough.

Look, we’re not saying that he’s going to play his entire career in Florence (although please do that, Berna). We’re saying that he’s almost certainly not leaving in January, and maybe not for another year or two at the minimum. So all the reports of big offers coming in from Inter Milan, PSG, and Chelsea are almost certainly just the inventions of writers desperately trying to stir up news and drive traffic. Bear that in mind when you read the headlines about his imminent departure next month.