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Report: Chelsea considering a move for Nenad Tomovic

You just said, “Whhhhaaaaaaaa?” Don’t even bother trying to deny it.

Hellas Verona FC v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
The only thing Chelsea lacks.
Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

Okay. Okay. Hang on. The international break usually results in some really weird stories coming out because journalists have to pump out some kind of content (guilty as charged), so take this with an entire shaker full of salt. But Football Italia believes that Chelsea are preparing a bid for Nenad Tomovic.

In fairness, he’s not the first choice for the Blues. Antonio Conte first approached Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus and Alessio Romagnoli of AC Milan, but neither club was willing to sell. So he’s turned his sights instead to Tomovic, a 22-time Serbian international who’s no longer first choice for Fiorentina, because Chelsea simply don’t have the resources to buy big-money defenders (cough Marcos Alonso cough).

In fairness, it makes a bit of sense: Tommy’s got lots of experience in a back three, and he’s got the pace and strength to stick with Premier League attackers, and Conte’s shown a preference to raid Serie A for players he’s already familiar with. Perhaps his occasional brain-farts wouldn’t be quite as much a problem in England as they are in Italy, although that’s a hard sell.

Football Italia claims that Fiorentina would be willing to part with the defender for €8 million, which is a crazy, considering that Torino offered half of that this summer. Keep in mind that Tomovic probably would have ended up in Turin had he not turned down the move, as he and his family are happily settled in Florence.

Whether he’d shoot down an opportunity to play in England and for what would certainly be a much higher salary remains to be seen. Heck, there’s probably not even a scrap of truth to the rumor, but it’s so outlandish and we’re so bored during the break that we had to at least mention it.