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Spanish giants following Marcos Alonso

You've heard this before right? A talented Fiorentina player starts the season well and is linked with a move to Europe's biggest clubs blah blah blah. Well here's another one again and it might be more serious than you first thought.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

How lucky are you guys, two pieces of transfer news in the same day! Now, as you all know by now (and we do tell you every time) we are not ones for spreading any old rumours that get brought up day in day out over the magical period in which everyone throws all sense out the window, (the transfer window to be clear) but, having two players linked to Barcelona in the space of just a week is a pretty remarkable thing.

That's correct, you heard me say two. Apparently Barcelona are now interested in capturing Marcos Alonso (for real this time, we totally promise it's not like the whole Bernardeschi teasing game) and it's not just them, Real Madrid are looking at him too.

"What!" I hear you scream, "How can any team be interested in Alonso of all people?." Now now, this isn't the time for Alonso bashing, when you look at the stats he's actually done quite well, not to mention the fact that he's Spanish and many teams are looking to bring in talent from their own country.

So lets get down to the news.

According to Spanish publication Sport, Luis Enrique's side are looking for a cheap alternative at the back and have landed their gaze upon the former Bolton Wanderers man.

Alonso's contract is set to run in in June and Barca could approach him over a pre-contract agreement in January, should the guys at the helm take too long on making their minds up on whether he deserves a new deal or not. I'm sure we've heard this before.

Madrid are also said to be interested, with Los Blancos 'desperate' for some quality on the left hand side according to journalist Lluis Miguelsanz. Yeah right, like they'd go for him. Right guys? Guys?

This is all very spectacular considering just a few months Alonso was being linked with the likes of Norwich City. From rags to riches eh.

While it remains to be seen if this is just another run of the mill rubbish rumour or whether the story actually has any truth behind it, it does make you think. After all, Alonso has predominantly been our number one wing-back this season, with Paulo Sousa preferring him over Manuel Pasqual - with our current options, we can hardly afford to lose him, let alone on a Bosman.

I guess we'll just have to wait see how this one pans out.