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Keep up with all the Viola transfer news right here.

AC Fiorentina unveil new signing Franck Ribery - Serie A Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images


Okay. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the page we’ll be updating all day as deals go live. As a heads up, I live on the west coast of the US and, as a human, require sleep. Expect a gap in reporting on this page for a few hours, although I’ll try to be up pretty early to get caught back up. Now, buckle on those patent leather shoes and get the refresh button ready. Let’s begin the deadline day shuffle.

5:37 AM GMT

Not quite deadline day news, but it sounds like Cagliari will be announcing the arrival of Yerry Mina pretty soon. Fairwell, you sweet nurply prince.

6:53 AM GMT

Again, not particularly new, as this popped up either late yesterday or early today, depending on your time zone, but it sounds like Fiorentina’s found its Albert Gudmundsson alternative in Largie Ramazani of Almería. He’s very quick and very dribbly, chipping in 3 goals and 4 assists on the season, but he’s still fairly raw as a 22-year-old in his second top flight season. Fun fact: despite being named Largie, he’s rather small at 167 cm/5’6. Sounds like he’s available for around €7 million.

7:32 AM GMT

Sounds like Genoa’s standing firm on the €30 million price tag for Albert Gudmundsson, despite the Viola making a series of offers worth up to €25 million, including bonuses. Going higher requires getting Rocco Commisso himself to give the go-ahead. Sounds like the Iceland international’s slipping away, although he could still be a summer target if he doesn’t play himself out of the price range.

7:34 AM GMT

The plot thickens.

7:42 AM GMT

Lot of chatter these past few days about Antonín Barák going to Cagliari on a dry loan, but it sounds like Fiorentina isn’t going to let him leave unless/until Gudmundsson makes it to Florence. If that’s the case, seems pretty clear that the club’s viewing him as primarily a number 10, not a winger.

7:54 AM GMT

Yerry Mina has touched down in Cagliari.

8:21 AM GMT

We’re back playing all the greatest hits of bygone eras. Up next is the return of the Jeremie Boga rumor. Feels like it was just yesterday that we wanted to see him in purple. He’s currently at Nice and he’s also a Fali Ramadani client, for what it’s worth.

8:52 AM GMT

More details about the Gudmundsson offer. At this point, it sure would feel silly to let him get away.

9:16 AM GMT

The screws continue turning.

9:19 AM GMT

Di Marzio thinks Barák is going to Cagliari, which indicates a certain confidence that Gudmundsson is in fact on the way, as per a previous item. Wheels within something else that’s round and turns.

9:46 AM GMT

Gudmundsson is excited for the move. Probably doesn’t make a difference, but maybe his camp can lean just enough on Genoa to ease this one through.

9:48 AM GMT

Fiorentina already presented him at the Rocco B. Commisso Viola Park et cetera, but the club has now officially announced the Andrea Belotti signing. No turning back now.

10:27 AM GMT

Number 20 for Belotti. Great choice. Long history of standouts in Florence with 20: Martin Jørgensen, Borja Valero, Germán Pezzella. As far as strikers go, it’s Enrico Chiesa and Giampaolo Pazzini. Il Gallo off to a strong start.

10:41 AM GMT

Genoa’s actually training at Coverciano right now, so Gudmundsson is right there. This is getting farcical.

10:59 AM GMT

No longer getting farcical. Now fully descended into farce. Fiorentina has no backup plan if it can’t sign Gudmundsson. No idea if that’s true or just conjecture, but it makes this feel even more important. Both sides still haggling over 50 cents or so.

11:08 AM GMT

It’s late as hell where I live, so I’m going to bed for a few hours. I’ll keep updating this once I’m conscious again. Here’s hoping that when I wake up, it’s to news that Albert Gundmundsson is a Fiorentina player. Until then, I hope you all maintain the calm of Borja and Linda doing a puzzle.

3:05 PM GMT

I’m awake again. No Gudmundsson but Jerry Mina’s departure to Cagliari is officially official. One of the strangest Fiorentina careers in recent memory is over. Dude started the season hurt, played at striker a couple of times, then produced an all-time appearance off the bench against Bologna in the Coppa Italia: immediately booked for twisting Josh Zirkzee’s nipple halfway off, then scored a fantatic penalty in the shootout, then danced in celebration while the shootout was stil going. Psychotic but so much fun.

3:12 PM GMT

Uh oh.

3:15 AM GMT

Gino Infantino ain’t going nowhere, even though he’s probably not going to play much.’s Filippo Razzolini says the plan is to keep him working the squad in training and reevaluate him in the summer.

3:29 PM GMT

Conspiracy theorists might say that Jonathan Ikoné’s absence is significant, but he’s just suspended for yellow card accumulation. The real issue is that Arthur Melo picked up a knock in training, leaving just 3 central midfielders available. Painful illustration of a squad building failure.

4:18 PM GMT

Joe: Uh, now what?

Ed: *puts on blindfold, flings dart towards bulletin board full of photographs

5:24 PM GMT

Lorenzo Amatucci’s moved to Ternana on loan for the rest of the year. Quite the Viola colony down in Terni this year: Christian Dalle Mura, Lorenzo Lucchesi, Costantino Favasuli, and Filippo Di Stefano are already there. Can’t remember the last time a club had 5 players on loan from another club, aside from like Watford and Udinese or any of the City Group or Red Bull clubs. Wacky. Best of luck to him.

6:17 PM GMT


6:40 PM GMT

It’s a wrap, claims No more signings. Please form an orderly queue for wailing and gnashing of teeth.

7:00 PM GMT

The January transfer window is officially closed. Might see a couple more departures of fringe and/or youth players, as several other leagues are still open for business, but Serie A’s office is closed to register new signings until the summer. No wingers despite Italiano saying that his greatest need was a winger. Hard not to be disappointed.