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Viola Park is amazing, and so is its new name

We’ve all been waiting to see Rocco Commisso’s pet project reach completion, and the result hasn’t disappointed even the harshest critic.

Fiorentina v Torino - Coppa Italia Quarter Final Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fiorentina’s near-mythical Viola Park facility has opened just in time for preseason training, and it is undeniably gorgeous. Rocco Commisso promised this would be the biggest, best, and most beautiful complex of its kind in Italy and he’s absolutely followed through. Just look at this thing.

The €110 million facility boasts 10 practice fields, 2 stadia, a swimming pool, and state-of-the-art training and medical facilities. It somehow combines a classic sense of Tuscan place with ultramodern technology. The fans will get to see it when preseason training opens to the public tomorrow.

Perhaps the most-discussed aspect of the Viola Park, though, is the front, where Commisso just couldn’t help adding a slightly more personal touch than any of us might’ve expected. Is it his name right out in front? You should already know the answer.

Yes, Viola Park’s official name will be the Rocco Commisso Training Center. The man put €110 million into the project and is of course entirely justified in naming the final product whatever he wishes. Perhaps it’s no surprise coming from someone who consistently refers to themself in the third person, but it does feel a bit similar to a certain other high-profile American construction project in that regard.

On the plus side, Commisso exercised a bit of restraint. He could just as easily have called it the “Fuck Italian Bureaucracy Training Center.” Or the “Urbano Cairo is Waging a Clandestine Media War Training Center.” Or the “Stop Following Me to My House Training Center.” Or the “Hey Andrea Agnelli, Why Don’t You Shut Up Forever Training Center.”