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Want to write for Viola Nation?

If scribbling articles about Fiorentina is something you’re interested in, now’s your chance.

Ostrockmuseum Kröpelin celebrates its fifth anniversary
Our state of the art facilities.
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Yep, it’s that time again when we ask you if you want to write for Viola Nation. Mike and I would love to get some new voices in the articles, eyes on the games, and minds to bounce ideas off as we try to keep this show rolling onto improbably greater heights as we get ready for a new Serie A season.

There are a few qualities we’re looking for in contributors. The most important thing, of course, is that you like Fiorentina. Like, like LIKE like Fiorentina. Like, a lot. You can like other teams too (Forza Poggibonsi), but you have to like Fiorentina at least as much as the others or this probably isn’t going to work out.

Next, your writing has to be at least serviceable in English; while the international nature of this site is both inspiring and humbling, we do bill ourselves as an English language site and have to maintain some editorial standards. If you speak any other languages (Italian can be fairly useful), that’s also good, but English fluency is a must.

Mike and I have also realized that, as a couple of straight, white American dudes, we could probably use some different voices. As far as I can recall, the immortal Chloe Beresford is the only non-male person who’s ever written for Viola Nation, and I think every single writer has been white and either American or British. Since this is a pretty global community, we’d like our masthead to reflect that if possible.

Next, we’ll address the not fun parts. This isn’t a paid position and, unless SB Nation and Vox Media completely transform themselves and their business strategies, it won’t become one. That sucks and we all know it, but them’s the breaks, unfortunately. If we ever meet up in person, I will buy you the beer, coffee, tea, or schiacciata of your choice, and there may be a couple of other perks as well.

The plus side is that, since this isn’t paid work, you can write about what interests you with as little or as much editorial direction as you desire. Are you into statistics? The team’s history? Fiorentina Femminile? The Primavera? Viola-themed interpretative dance? Something else entirely? If you can throw us an idea that’s even tangentially Fiorentina-related, we’re in.

Scheduling-wise, we’re also pretty open. An article every couple of weeks is our baseline, but we’d be thrilled if you want to do more. Again, since this isn’t paid, we don’t expect VN to be your top priority, but we’re probably not too interested if you’re only going to crank something out every six months or so.

If this sounds like you, send an email to by Wednesday, 16 September, and we’ll send you the next round of instructions.