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Get a discount on Chloe Beresford’s Curva e Calcio newsletter

If you want to stay up to date with what’s going in Serie A, there isn’t a better way to do it.

Newsboy selling papers in a London street as a horse bus stands at the kerbside. Chromolithograph from a children’s book published London, 1867.
Like this, but better.
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If you’ve been around Viola Nation for awhile, you know that Chloe Beresford is a huge part of why this site is what it is. She was the boss before I took over and taught me how to do this. She’s more knowledgeable about Fiorentina and calcio in general than just about anyone out there and has a singular connection to the crazies in the Curva Fiesole that no other English-language writer possesses. In short, anything she writes is required reading.

For those of you who aren’t aware, she’s started publishing an email newsletter called Curva e Calcio. It comes out five times a week and contains all the Serie A news, analysis, and predictions that you could want, which is especially useful right now when the fixtures are so numerous that it’s impossible to watch most of them.

And, because Chloe still likes us, she’s offering readers of the site a massive f***ing discount on it if you click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to get 40% off your annual subscription. For those wondering, I’ve put together a quick list of how much that runs to per day in various currencies if you’re wondering how cheap it is.

24c in Australia

R$0.89 in Brazil

22¢ in Canada

¥1.15 in China

1.08 kr. in Denmark

14c in the Eurozone

HK$1.28 in Hong Kong

₹12.38 in India

₪0.57 in Israel

2424.85 Rp in Indonesia

¥17.69 in Japan

KSh 17.75 in Kenya

K226.96 in Myanmar

₦64.04 in Nigeria

1.54 kr in Norway

₨ 27.66 in Pakistan

S$0.23 in Singapore

R2.76 in South Africa

1.5 kr in Sweden

13p in the UK

17¢ in the US

Support Chloe. Get her newsletter. Learn more about the sport.