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What to expect from VN over the coming weeks

Spoiler: We’re going to keep publishing whimsy, fantasy, and the occasional news. It’ll be business as usual.

Alexandria, Virginia, scenics Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Serie A is postponed (read: finished). Fiorentina has closed up shop. Sports all over the world have ended operations. Governments (or at least the competent ones) have shut down everything that they can. Human beings have fled to their own homes in an effort to avoid infection and to self-quarantine in an effort to avoid infecting anyone else. The coronavirus pretty well has the world in its talons.

Amid the chaos and uncertainty and unremitting boredom of self-quarantine, what happens at Viola Nation is small potatoes. We understand that and aren’t going to pretend like what we’re doing is of critical importance. But, since the ennui of staying inside and isolated is a real thing, we can at least offer this: we’re going to keep publishing stuff every day.

The nature of the writing may change a little bit here, obviously, because there isn’t any soccer to report on. It’ll feel a bit like the summer, maybe, when all we’ve got to go on is transfer rumors, but with the window still months away from opening, even that flimsiness will lose its immediacy. We’re obviously not going to report on any ongoing matches, so it may get a little bit weird around here.

Our top priority, of course, will be keeping everyone appraised of any news that emerges about Fiorentina or the resumption of Serie A or, really, anything that involves the team even tangentially. That said, we’re also going to do some sillier stuff (that’s hard to imagine, but trust me) that bears at best a tenuous relation to anything Viola, as well as some deeper dives into history and stats.

That said, we want to do things that will keep readers interested and engaged. Therefore, if you have any ideas—whether that’s something that you want to write or something that you want us to write about—please reach out, either in the comments or to our inbox with ideas. You’re also welcome, as ever, to address any questions or concerns to us there as well.

This whole thing sucks for reasons way bigger than soccer, but we’re going to get through it. We’ll wade through fear and boredom and everything else that this thing throws at us, and we’ll come out the other side. We’re thinking of you and hoping that each and every one of you stays safe and sane. As always, forza Viola!