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Fiorentina cancels training as players ask fans to stay safe

It’s getting surreal in Florence.

This is the spookiest image I can imagine.
Photo by CARLO BRESSAN/AFP via Getty Images

Following the postponement of the Serie A season due to the coronavirus, Fiorentina has also canceled training for all sectors of the team: men’s, women’s, and youth. With the entire nation on lockdown, it’s doubtless the correct decision for the safety of players and staff.

Just like the rest of Florence’s population, the players are now at home trying to minimize contact with crowds. Many of them are passing the time by making public service announcements via Fiorentina’s social media. Here’s Federico Chiesa (who definitely doesn’t look like he’s in a hostage video) and Primavera striker Samuele Spalluto encouraging folks to keep their distance from each other and stay home:

Here’s an unbelievably smooth Lorenzo Venuti—not actually reading the book judging by the flap but we desperately want to know what it is—and a paternal Marco Benassi and his adorable boys reminding everyone to stay calm and stay home:

And finally, here’s Germán Pezzella taking some time from his mata-drinking schedule, along with the sweetest father-son pairing in Pietro and Thomas Terracciano, reiterating the importance of staying home for everyone’s sake.

If you’re in Italy, or anywhere else that has COVID-19 concerns, listen to these guys. They’re smart.