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Mediacom excited about continued partnership with Fiorentina

Mediacom’s SVP, Tom Larsen, goes in depth with ViolaNation.

SOCCER: JUL 24 International Champions Cup - Fiorentina v Benfica
If it makes him happy, it should make you happy.
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday, Fiorentina and Mediacom Communications Corporation announced what many had speculated for weeks: they will be taking their preseason shirt sponsorship deal and extending it into the regular season. Although terms of the deal have not been released by either Fiorentina or Mediacom, as both are privately held companies owned by Rocco B. Commisso, there has already been some speculation as to what the value may be (here and here).

While this outcome may have been expected, yesterday is still a day to be celebrated by all Fiorentina fans after many years without a paid shirt sponsor under the previous regime. This is a quick way for Rocco to inject much needed revenue into the Fiorentina company for purposes of Financial Fair Play compliance, a gripe that he has talked about ever since taking over the club in June.

In a July article published by Forbes, Rocco spoke openly on this subject. “Unless you have the revenues, you can’t buy the players, and unless you buy the players, you can’t generate the revenues.”

The interview continued. “I could easily put in money to buy more players, but if I’m not allowed, what’s the sense of it?” Commisso said. “Clearly, if we’re limited in how much investment we can make on players by the revenues we generate, we have to find ways to generate more revenue.”

Rocco not only sees this as an opportunity to infuse cash into the club, but an opportunity to tie Mediacom (Consumer Affairs’ top-rated cable provider, for what it’s worth) and Fiorentina together as one brand, whose connection to the New York Cosmos should not be understated. This sponsorship is another step towards Rocco achieving his ultimate goal of having Fiorentina once again considered one of the Seven Sisters of Italian football.

Yesterday, ViolaNation was able to speak with Tom Larsen, SVP of Government & Public Relations at Mediacom Communications, to get a few comments on their new sponsorship deal with Fiorentina, and what it means for both brands.

“For us this sponsorship is about two things: getting our brand out in to the broader market and marrying two of Rocco’s loves, Mediacom and soccer. The whole world sees soccer and the brands associated with it, in the US we see an opportunity. “

Tom added, “We carry a lot of sports programming like ESPN and BEIN Sports. Our customers will be able to see us regularly on TV in the States now that Mediacom will be on Fiorentina jerseys for all games. This sponsorship will lift our brand when they see our logo on the Fiorentina players.”

Tom, who has a long and successful history at Mediacom, sees this as a natural evolution for their family of companies. “This isn’t our first time as a jersey sponsor. We have been the jersey sponsor for the NY Cosmos for a couple years. This deal now unifies Fiorentina and the Cosmos under the Mediacom umbrella.”

Tom on where he sees the relationship going form here: “One of Rocco’s goals is to grow the Fiorentina brand here in the States. We hope that with Rocco, Fiorentina finds great success on the field. The more success Fiorentina has, the more it will lift our Mediacom brand. “

Tom left us with one last thought. “Rocco is very loyal to Mediacom and its employees, but this is more than being just about us. It’s also an opportunity for Rocco to introduce Mediacom to his native Italy and show how successful he has been in the American business world.”

Fiorentina fans have reason for continued optimism. Rocco has been able to slay the media giants in the United States, we hope he is now poised to take down a few in Italy too.

Happy August 10th. Forza Viola!