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Le Coq Sportif just released a very familiar-looking Saint-Étienne shirt

Are we sure that LCS knows that San Giovanni isn’t in France?

Not great, guys. Not great.
Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. Saint-Étienne of France, who also use Le Coq Sportif as their outfitter, released their new home kit today. As you’d expect from a team nicknamed les Verts, they wear green. The shirt itself, though, looks a tad familiar to anyone who’s been watching Fiorentina’s uniforms this season. See if you can spot the similarities. Here’s Saint-Étienne’s:

And now here’s one of the away shirts from a certain Quattro Quartiere-themed club in Tuscany:

Our most eagle-eyed readers may have already put this together, but we’ll give everyone else a hint. Look at the guy wearing the green shirt. Still no? That’s fine, we can spell it out for you: THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME %#&$ING SHIRT.

Not surprisingly, Saint-Étienne fans have been less than impressed that their home shirt is identical to an Italian team’s away getup. It’s quite a Coq-up for the French company and just makes us glad that this is its final year clothing the Viola; at this rate, they’d probably suggest a black-and-white, vertically striped shirt for the away kit next year.