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Chiesa denies any contact with Fiorentina about his future

Hats off to Fede for being honest and professional about this when his employers couldn’t.

Italy Training Session And Press Confernce
When a reporter asks you if you’re leaving Fiorentina
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Just as we suspected, Fiorentina’s recent announcement about Federico Chiesa being at the center of the club’s plans for next year has been exposed as, at best, woefully incomplete. At worst, it’s a lie. Which of those two is the case depends on how you view the Italy international’s recent statements at Coverciano, where he’s training with the Azzurri and was asked about the matter.

As the folks over at were kind enough to translate, Fede’s statements on his future are as follow:

“The interest of certain clubs makes me happy. But right now I’m at Coverciano and available to Mancini. I’m focused on this while also following what is happening with Fiorentina and the negotiation between the Della Valle and Commisso.

“How do I handle these offers? I put my cell on airplane mode. So far I have yet to speak to anyone at the club. The announcement that was posted. I repeat, I didn’t talk to anyone at the club.”

True to form, Chiesa remains professional and honest. Instead of calling the club out, he simply says that he hasn’t spoken with the brass. He doesn’t rule out staying, but neither does he go full Federico Bernardeschi and trumpet his desire to be a Giancarlo Antognoni-style bandiera. As you would expect from such a soft-spoken young man, he’s focused only on the task at hand. When the time comes later this summer to explore a move, you’d best believe that he’ll do his research. He’ll listen to every offer, sure, but he’ll also listen to Fiorentina, and then weigh his options before picking.

It’s similarly on-brand that Fiorentina under the Della Valles would claim to have a player all locked up and ready to continue without consulting him. Now, if Chiesa opts to move on this summer, the Della Valles can say that if he stays, it’s because they engineered it. In this false little scenario they’ve built, if he goes, it’s down to the change in ownership, not them. It’s a wonderful middle finger to raise to the supporters on their way out the door, and is exactly as petty as we’ve come to expect.